PRYNT Prints Pictures with Augmented Reality through your Smartphone

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PRYNT; or more commonly referred to as next generation instant camera, is quite hip these days. Magically converting your cell phone images, to live photos!!

Coming with a 1-year warranty and 30-day money payback guarantee, see your world coming live and always have the chance to save those high moments, not only in your cell memory, but in your photo album too!! Here is how you go about it;

Once you get hold of this tech, attach it to you iPhone and Voila! See the magic. Okay not just yet, you would have to download the exclusive Prynt app, specifically designed to support the Pocket Prynt and Prynt Case. Open the app, and click the home button.

There you can either print a photo from your mobile gallery, or simply take a photo from the camera in the prynt app. There are tons of filters, if feel editing a photo, once done with the selection and the editing, hit the Print button, and your photo begins to print in a couple of seconds.

Unlike most photo printers, this isn’t a stand-alone device, its clips to bottom of your iPhone, and turns it into a modern-day Polaroid. As long as your iPhone has a lightening connector, this photo printer is good to go, no matter which model of iPhone you possess.

It comes with its own app, as mentioned earlier, which is customized to capture and edit your digital photos. The Pocket harnesses the power of the iPhone’s powerful camera and if this isn’t worth catching your eye, the printer can even turn your photos into an amplified reality video!

Available in three colors; black, white and the sprightly lime green. With a more comprehensive design, although looking out of place on your iPhone, only shows that the object was designed to be functional rather fashionable. Its clamp style is unique in itself, making it easy to install on the phone and giving one a firm grip.

At this you would probably be thinking, ok fine the thing is fancy, would give me picturesbut in the end what’s the point, you still have to buy the ink and the paper for the printer. Well, with Prynt you don’t really need to. Cuz this little buddy comes with a 10-pack of ZINK® Sticker Paper (including a blue Smart Sheet).

Since it uses thermal technology, the ink is already embedded in the sticker paper, which causes the photo to come out dry and ready to handle, no shaking required. It gives you pocket size photos measuring 2 by 3 inches.

And added to that the Zink sheets come with peel and stick backs, so you can easily stick them to mirrors, lockers, our simply your room walls.

The picture quality is sublime too, although a bit washed out compared to other polaroid, but more accurate as observed by some. What you get on the picture is an absolute replica of what you see on the screen. Therefore, if you edit it using various available filters on the app, or simply want a natural look, you will get exactly what you want.

However, what you do need to buy in the end is the paper. It comes in the pack of 25 or 50, costing 50 cents per page. Which would cost a lot if you plan on printing an album per day. Hence wise usage is recommended.

Furthermore, it is only compatible with iPhone, any other phone, sorry service isn’t available! With that being said, we leave it up to you to decide whether the printer is a good invest for you or not.

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