Razer Project Valerie – World’s First ‘3-Screens’ Portable Laptop

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With the things warming up in the world of technology, the game is elevating each passing day, with exciting additions to the market. From minute powering chips to massive high-end cars, the modern life is becoming more advance. With such a diverse variety of electronic devices, putting us at ease and making our work easier, every single tech brings in innovation and emerges with new ways of surprising people.

This year too, at the Consumer Electronics Show, companies from all showcased their products and got an explicably encouraging response from the audience. One of such items that gained a special reaction was two projects presented by Razer.

Razer is a renowned company in the technology industry is eminently known for its laptops and other computer accessories. The company presented this year on CES, one of the most eye catching projects known as Project Valerie along with Project Ariana.

In this review, we will get to know about Project Valerie.

Although Project Valerie is still a concept laptop; i.e. it may not show up at the market, but with the specs displayed at the show, it sure ranks as one of the most phenomenal gaming laptops. According to the company, Project Valerie is;

“The world’s first portable laptop with three built-in monitors”

It has the most remarkable and unique look with its aluminum finished 3 screen IGZO panels (100% Adobe RGB color); a main display screen with two extra panels of screen popping out from either side that set themselves up, without user’s interjection. Each panel comes with 17.3’ and 4K displays, designed marvelously in a way that they automatically fold and unfold whenever required. The screens can either be simultaneously put up together to give you an immersive incredible gaming experience, or you may run individual multiple applications on each of the three screens to provide you a multi-tasking workspace.

The company has incorporated its signature Chroma lights underneath each of its side panels that will work efficiently with every game that supports Razer’s lighting technology, giving the device a premium outlook.

Project Valerie is not a slim device in comparison to the well-known laptop Razer Blade Stealth with thickness of about 1.5’ and weighs almost 10-12 lbs. The main screen looks thicker when the laptop is packed and closed, but when the device opens its side wings like a hawk, all the screen panels looks almost equal in width. Mechanic arms come out from the sides of the central display screen to support and balance the weight of the two side panels.

The machine is powered by Intel’s Core 7th generation i processor and powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU, supporting the best graphics to exhibit the superb gaming graphics, with a resolution of 11520 x 2160. The Nvidia G-Sync technology matches perfectly each screen’s refresh rate and presents a flawless graphics output.

The laptop produces a considerably loud sound; a lot brassier than any existing gaming laptops. The mechanical keyboard is huge and has an “Ultra-Low-Profile” switches which make the pressing of keys marginally forceful.

According to the company, they the keys require almost 65 grams of force, equivalent to the force exerted on the ancient IBM keyboards. The keyboard, however, is back-lit and displays great track pad lighting. The power button of the device lies at the very center.

The launch date and other specific pricing details related to the Project Valerie have still not been announced, but with just the ‘preview’ of the laptop, the response has been crazy and very excitingly welcoming. Also, it has been heard that two of the prototypes of this project got from CES 2017, for which the CEO of Razer placed a hefty $25,000 reward for the individuals who could track down the culprits.

It may take a lot of space on the surface to accommodate the three screens, but when it comes to multi-tasking, the usability and performance this laptop can offer cannot be understated.

Being skeptical of the concept and seeing it rather in a practical standpoint, the Razor’s Project Valerie seems more of overkill to many, but it may also make sense to hardcore gamers or may boost the ways of presentations in the meetings altogether.

Final Verdict

Although Project Valerie is still a prototype and odds of seeing it become a reality are too low, but if the giant does show up in the market, it will probably have a maddening price tag. Also, the battery required to power up such a device is still a big question. It is, without doubt, the most exhilarating concept considering the gaming hardware makeup, as yet! Also, it’s been told that the design framework as well as the internal build-up may change when the device gets released, depending upon the response from the public.


  • Notable hardware
  • Attention-grabbing design
  • Unique 3 displays


  • Almost certainly it will be very expensive
  • May not show up in the market at all, as it is still a concept
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