Prinker prints cool tattoos on skin – here’s how!

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The ‘Prinker’ – A skin printer is a device that lets you create or print any image or temporary tattoos within a matter of seconds.

This device was exhibited at The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year. This device is manufactured by a Korean startup company called ‘SketchOn’.

This Printer allows the consumer to print any design or shape directly​ to the skin within just a few seconds. It is like having a temporary tattoo which lasts for two days and can be washed off. The ‘Prinker’ offers endless design and pattern options and the user can show his creativity by designing their own tattoos. The device is connected​ to your smartphone​ and you can select​ a bunch of preloaded tattoos available in the app.

“Whatever you’re doing, whether you’re an office worker or an artist, there’s a spark of creativity in you. Push its boundaries as much as you can. Rediscover your creativity with Prinker.” Reads the company’s​ website.

You can Sketch your ideas out on your skin with this portable device that is almost twice the size of a computer mouse. This is a nice way to have fun. You can support your team in the match by printing its logo or design onto your skin. You can also share your tattoo designs with others through the app. It is also a fun and creative toy for kids to play with.

In order to print the design, all you need to do is select or draw a design on your mobile and then press and rub the base of the device against your skin and you are done. It is like a  gum tattoo. These design and images are water resistant but can be washed off with soap water. The ink of the ‘Prinker’ is non-toxic and is made only from certified cosmetic ingredients.

The ‘Prinker’ is developed by a small team of 5 members. The company is planning to launch the device in China and then in the United States. The device is currently commercializing in Korea as a rental device. The agencies and organizations pay $150 for a day to use it in their events or marketing.

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