Prince George Attending Different School

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According to recent reports, it has been revealed that Prince George who had been expected to be attending the Wetherby School situated in Notting Hill, will actually be going somewhere else.

It can be expected now that young Prince George will be a pupil at the Wetherby Kensington.

The Duke and Duchess have expressed their approval for this move instead because they like the idea that this school seems to be far more remote and somewhat discreet than the other Wetherby School.

The Royal parents went on to say that in the original Wetherby School, several of the pupils that attend there happen to be children of well renowned celebrity figures.

Such a matter may indeed result and has resulted in several paparazzi and undesirable occurrences such as that, and they do not wish for their son to go through it throughout his schooling.

A Comfortable Choice

The children apparently cannot actually be photographed by the paparazzi, but the Royal parents stated that regardless of that, the parents of them will be targeted nonetheless.

The second and most desired choice for a school for young Prince George is located off of Gloucester Road.

The location of the school provides a far more hidden location, and privacy is said to be a lot more convenient in this school.

Sticking to That

The website of the Wetherby School also stated not only is their location far more private and discreet, but it is just minutes away from the Kensington Palace.

The school serves as a pre-preparatory for boys until grade three.

The new areas of the campus have been said to be opened for use as of next September, but the school shares exactly the same values, the same curriculum and everything else as that of the original Wetherby situated in Notting Hill.

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