Presenting the TP-Link Talon AD7200 Multi-Band Wi-Fi Router for your home

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Ever wondered about choosing amongst a range of routers, but never could decide on a single one? Well, here it is, the TP-Link Talon AD7200 Multi-Band Wi-Fi Router which will fulfill all your home based network needs. Along with a plethora of common features, these are the most prominent ones.

Wireless AD:

Courtesy the new Wireless AD technology, your Wi-Fi network speed can even go beyond the GigaBit Ethernet. It supports the latest technology, consisting of a unique 802.11ad 60 GHz Wi-Fi band. This, in turn, causes a sharp increase in speed and also reduces interference. Not only this but to make sure, that every corner of your home receives full Wi-Fi coverage, the router is able to provide strong and stable 5GHz & 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, due to the additional Wireless AC.

USB 3.0 Ports and Ethernet ports:

The router has two, not just one, USB 3.0 port, which supports faster read/write speed as compared to the obsolete 2.0 ones. On the router, these ports mean that you can access your files and transfer them across the home network at blazing speeds, by attaching a flash drive. You can even print wireless using these ports by attaching a printer. Moreover, there are 4 GigaBit ethernet ports available too which you can utilize to connect your 4K HDTV or your desktop. This means that all the wired connections will have blazing speed.


Due to the utilization of Multi-User MIMO Technologies, the router is able to provide internet to multiple devices at the same time, resulting in nearly three times as fast network speeds! This is unlike other standard routers, which serve a specific device first and then the next one in turn. The best thing is these speeds are for all devices on the 2.4GHz  and 5GHz bands.

Leading-Edge Antennae and Beamforming:

Unlike the usual router with two or max three external antennae, this router sprouts eight of them!  This means, that the range of the router can extend to even outside your place, and in all the corners of your home. Further, due to the beamforming technology, the signals are focused to the area, where the device is currently using the network. This leads to an even further extension in range.


Powered by a 1.4 GHz Dual-Core Processor, the AD7200 is powerful enough to handle several connections at the same time. This means that comparative, y your network won’t be slowing down due to additional devices being connected to it. It won’t have any noticeable lag and almost wouldn’t crash.


The 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands are especially given an extra data stream. This dramatically increases the overall Wi-Fi speeds, making it up to 10 times faster than 802.11 ac and 30 times faster than the 802.11n.

AD7200 Multi-Band:

The router runs on three separate bands: 60GHz (4600Mbps), 5GHz (1733Mbps), and 2.4GHz (800Mbps). This gives a combined Wi-Fi speed of up to 7200 Mbps, which in turn means that you can easily connect more devices to the network without compromising on the speed.


Courtesy the free TP-Link Tether app which is available on both iOS and Android, you can easily manage the Wi-Fi settings from your device, anywhere!

Side Features:

Along with a parental control to restrict browsing habits, there is an added option of Guest Networking. This allows you to allow a separate internet access  for your guest, but still keeping your main network secure at the same time.

With a price-tag of $349.99, it might feel a bit heavy on the average pocket, but with the features which the TP-Link Talon AD7200 Multi-Band Wi-Fi Router offers, the price is a high value for its money.

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