Posting photos from Google animations directly to Instagram

Posting photos from Google animations directly to Instagram

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Google Photos service is more than just an application and now you can avail more than it by posting your Google Animations directly to the Instagram without any time waste or hassle. It is a very cool addition to the amazing services of Google Photos through which you can easily store and backup all of your photos, videos, etc into the cloud storage.

The best part is that it can be accessed from anywhere as it is a cloud storage thing. This coolest feature of Google Photos was not available earlier for Instagram as it was only limited to other social media platforms like FaceBook, WhatsApp, etc but now it can be used easily here as well.

The application of Google Photos is made up of advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence based programming which can easily help to identify different people, place, venues, etc. All of this comes with a click on the searchable option. It does not cater the storage thing only but also goes from which folders get backed up.

It also defines the image quality of your uploaded photos and also gives you a single platform to see all of the photos that you had shared in the past. It gives you a solid place to store and sync all of your photos so that you never lose it again.

Google Photos also has an amazing feature of having an ‘Assistant’ which is present in iOS and Android both. It is a card panel that helps you to show that status of your backup storage, allow you to make a movie clip based on the stored videos on your device and also create amazing animations or GIFs using different batches of photos. You can also make an animation manually by using at least 2 to 50 photos of your choice.

The Google Photos is an amazing free photo management system which offers unlimited storage for the high-resolution images of at maximum 16 megapixel and videos of 1080 pixel maximum. One of the best parts of this application is that it offers 15GB of storage space for FREE and to attain more space up to 1TB you just have to spend a small amount of $9.99 for a month. The user-interface of the whole application is very user-friendly.

It has a good touch-up editor as well which is a built-in feature of it so you don’t have to take help of any other photo editor. So, all of these coolest features makes it an all-purpose application to have.

Step-by-Step posting Google photos animations to Instagram

For iOS

  • Firstly, type the ‘animations’ into the search bar of iOS Photos application.
  • Select your desired animation from the Google Photos application.
  • Tap the “•••” located in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap it and choose the ‘Download’ button for saving GIF.
  • Open the ‘GifLab’ application for converting the GIF into a video.
  • After opening GifLab, select “GIF to Instagram” option.
  • Select your desired GIF and adjust the playback speed.
  • Tap it and Save and share on it Instagram.

For Android

  • There is no need of an extra application here in Android so just select your Google Photos animation GIF.
  • Tap the share icon on the lower left.
  • Select Instagram as the application for sharing the GIF.
  • Once it is converted into a video, then you can select the desired filter and caption from Instagram.
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