Postal Redux

Postal Redux, Now Available on PS4 – Everything You Need to Know

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Sometimes, things happen when you least expect them. This is certainly true in the case of underrated classic Postal Redux. The PS4 version of the game has finally, and surprisingly, made its way onto the PlayStation Store. This follows the recent addition of the title to the Nintendo Switch a few months ago. However, the truly odd bit of this news is that Postal Redux was supposed to launch on the PS4 ages ago. In fact, when the game released for PC all the way back in 2017, it was also slated for Sony’s console too.

You might be wondering what exactly went wrong. Why did a graphically-simple game that even the Nintendo Switch could easily run not make it onto the acclaimed PS4? After all, the game had received exclusivity rights for Sony, meaning Microsoft could not release an Xbox version. While Postal Redux did not break much new ground, it was still a terrific game in its own right. Surely Sony would’ve benefitted from yet another brilliant exclusive, in a bid to outdo the Xbox One?

The real reason Postal Redux never made it to the PS4 until now is PC version sales

Back in 2017, when the PlayStation 4 was the most powerful console in the world, expectations were high. The game’s announcement included explicit mentions of it coming to both Windows PC and the PS4. However, developers Running With Scissors fortuitously decided to launch the PC version first, for some reason. Luckily for them, this move inadvertently served as a gauge for the game’s financial projections. And those projections, sadly, were unfavorable.

Portal Redux became an utter flop on the PC, with poor sales coupled with mixed reviews upon launch. There was some praise given to the gameplay, the controls and the art style. But many critics tore into the game’s overreliance upon familiar game mechanics and lackluster writing. It wasn’t that bad of a game, in our opinion, but it didn’t stand out. It also didn’t help that the developers at the time lacked brand recognition that a larger game studio would have enjoyed.

Finally, that same year, Running With Scissors decided to cut their losses. They scrapped the PS4 version of the game ahead of launch, even after months of hard work. The game continued to remain on the PC, and just recently got its port onto the Nintendo Switch. This 2020 release onto a popular handheld console seemed to revive the project. The Switch version enjoys strong sales, possibly owing to its younger demographic. The developers, it seems, suddenly received the support needed to fulfil their goal: release Postal Redux for the PS4.

The game is now regarded as a minor classic, and is now available on the PlayStation Store for $10

Commercial troubles aside, we maintain that Postal Redux is something of an overlooked gem. The wacky premise, seeing you assume control of The Postal Dude, is just the start. The world players enter is full of hours of content in this vibrant top-down shooter. Whether battling bosses or demon minions, the game’s lighthearted tone keeps the experience enjoyable. Think Sunset Overdrive meets Metal Slug, then add some originality. Not a bad game at all.

However, the release onto the PS4 might spell an unofficial send off for the game. Notably, the lack of a proper PS5 version (though it still runs through backwards compatibility) might indicate a lack of adequate focus or funding. With any luck, the developers might have the chance to put out a sequel in the coming years.

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