PolarSeal GEMM: Wearable Air Conditioner on the go – How does it work?

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Every now and then you stumble across some interesting devices on the internet that has a really nice idea in mind. GEMM is a good example of such devices. As the title states GEMM is a portable air conditioner that you can wear and carry with your self to beat the heat or stay warm in the cold. That sounds too good to be true right so why don’t we dive deeper into the details of this device. Hopefully, in this article, we’ll be able to figure to exactly what this product is and how it works.

Weather changes are a big part of life on earth. With the summer cycle of this year about to end, we can definitely see some subtle changes in the weather. a big part of surviving the extreme weather situations where hot or cold is air conditioning. However, the technology is still limited to our home and cars. You can not just carry around an air conditioner with you. At least that is what we thought before discovering GEMM by PolarSeal.

It is a wearable device that you wear around your neck. It is capable of cooling or heating your body. The interesting little gadget has a verity of uses. You can wear it during sports and work in extremely hot weather. It can even help you out in cold weather when you have to run to your car in the parking. It is even small enough to easily hide in suits so you can even put it in a suit for better comfort in the heat.

The amount of attention that the company has put into developing their product make it one of the most interesting new technologies we have seen in a while. Even though a portable air conditioner might seem trivial at the time. this device definitely has the potential to make its way to our everyday lives.

Source: PolarSeal

How it Works:

Gemm is small and easy to hide wearable. It is suitable for all kinds of environments whether that is sports or office use. The control module which hangs around your neck is the main component. It houses your controlling circuitry as well as a Lithium-ion battery to power this device. This module also helps users to switch between different cooling and heating intensity modes of this device.

The company says it can go for seven hours straight on a single charge. There is a logo on the control pack which lights up to let you know when the device in on. You can also opt to switch to steal mode that disables the light for a more discrete look. Moving on from the control module the next important party is our neck module. It is this part where all the magic happens. It works by using Thermoelectric semiconductors that can go as low as 50°F (or 10°C) and provide heating of up to 108°F (or 42°C).

There is an aluminum dissipation plate to transfer heat more efficiently. It works just like putting an ice cube in your neck. The neck has some of the quick cooling points of our body. The neck module will heat or cool your blood flowing through the neck and your blood will dissipate this effect to the rest of your body.

The device is completely modular making it easier to fit into tight spaces. You can easily break it down to core components and have it back up and running in no time. Now if you think you need one of these it will cost you about $199. The price is a bit higher but we can justify it with the exclusivity of this tech. For more information on the device, you can check out their official page.


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