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Pokemon Go Update

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Pokemon is a video game developed by Game Freak and Creatures Incorporation. This video game was published by Nintendo as a part of Pokemon Media Franchise. The first ever edition of this game was released in 1996 in Japan for the Game Boy and since then Pokemon has seen seven different generations till date.

More than 29 million games of Pokemon have been sold worldwide since February 2016 among which more than 200 games are from the main series making it the third bestselling video game franchise. ‘Pikachu’ is the main character of this game.

Pokemon has released their new update this week which has been confirmed by Niantic Company. In this update, Niantic Company has revealed a major gym rework which has been confirmed in many events. New raids have also been introduced in the latest update.

The gyms in this new update are so designed that they now feature 6 permanent vacancies which can be occupied by the Pokemon of the team controlling it. Moreover, only one Blissey can be deputed at the gym which will be of great help and ease to the trainers. Above all, the opposing teams will not be battling the Pokemon with strength, rather will battle in the order they were assigned to the gym.

The major update is new motivation system that has been introduced. It is connected to the interaction at the gym and how trainers treat their Pokemon. A motivation meter has also been added which works simply by showing the motivation level of Pokemon. This motivation is increased by treating the Pokemon with some Berries. The motivation level of Pokemon assigned to guard the gym is decreased over time as and when it is defeated in battle.

Another news which came earlier this year was the closing down of gyms or they may get inaccessible for a specific time. Then an ambiguity was raised as to what will happen to all the Pocket Monsters employed there. Niantic addressed the issue by stating that they will be returned to the players before this new update is released and made functional. Niantic CMO Mike Quigley, earlier in May this year hinted that there is a possibility that multiplayer features may be introduced in the game. He said that:

“You know, the gym mechanic is something in Pokémon Go which we really, really want to improve, so that’s going to be the next big area for us. The capture mechanic is fun, but you are a lone wolf, you are going out there on your own. Maybe you are with friends, but there is not that, kind of, connected experience. We think there is an opportunity for collaboration in that area, but more to come on that.”

As a result of returning of Pokemon after closing of gyms, a large egg will be appearing over the gym and ‘Raid Boss’ will be revealed. It will be revealed as soon the countdown will approach Zero. ‘Raid Boss’ is a really powerful Pokemon which Niantic had introduced for their ‘Raid Battles’. But you need a ‘Raid Pass’ in order to enjoy the raid battle. Only one pass is free daily which is received as soon as you visit the gym and you can hold only one pass at a time as well.

There is an option present for having ‘Premium Raid Passes’ but for that, you need to go to the in-game shop. With the use of this pass, you are able to work jointly in a team with 20 other trainers in order to defeat the ‘Raid Boss’. And once defeated within the 5 minutes time limit, you will be able to have an extra powerful Pokemon of your own!

As this update will be system-wide, therefore it is definitely going to affect both Android as well as iOS users. But nothing to worry as users will be able to see their roster return in complete totality.

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