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Pokemon GO: How to Fix the ‘Failed to get Friend list’ Error?

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Pokemon GO is an augmented reality-based game developed by Niantic. The game was released in 2016 in cooperation with Nintendo and Pokemon Company. Pokemon GO makes use of GPS technology to let people explore and catch pokemon around them and train them in battle. It gives them a real-world feeling as if Pokemon are in their world. Pokemon Go is available for both Android and iOS users as a free-to-play game.

Pokemon GO is loaded with bugs and glitches. The most recent glitch that users are facing globally is the error code 0, ‘Failed to get friend list’. This error prevents trainers from accessing their friends’ list or send gifts. So far, there has been no official fix from the company, but we have some fixes for you that might get your problems resolved.

Restart Pokemon Go on your device

The first fix that we will recommend you is to restart your game. It is the most simple and effective method to get issues fixed. Through this step, the system memory gets fixed killing any uninterrupted processes. Mobile users can make use of memory killer application to free the system memory and kill unwanted processes and tasks. Users can also use the pre-installed memory cleaners

If the error is still there, try to force quit the game and restart it again. This helps to fix temporary bugs and glitches in-game. To disable a Pokemon Go, follow the steps below:-

  • Go to ‘Settings‘ and search for ‘Applications
  • In ‘Application’ find ‘Pokemon Go’
  • Click on the ‘Force Quit‘ tab.

Try to launch the game again and hopefully your issue would be resolved this time. You can also try restarting your device if the above two methods failed. Restarting your device clears all memory along with killing unwanted tasks and bugs.

Check your internet connection

A problem in internet connection could be a factor halting a good gaming experience. An unstable or weak connection could cause connectivity issues and glitches in online gaming. We suggest you try restarting your internet modem to fix this issue. Simply turn off your router and restart it after 10-15 seconds to reset your connection signals. To reduce connection load, try disconnecting WIFI from the devices that are not in use. It may help to strengthen your signals.

Change your NAT type and Configure QoS

If adjusting the router or reducing load doesn’t work, try changing advanced internet settings. You need to configure NAT type and QoS settings in your router for firm connectivity. In order to experience a smooth connection to Pokemon GO servers, you need to set your NAT to moderate. NAT type is basically a gateway between your IP address and game servers a strict NAT won’t allow your connection to servers. To configure NAT type, follow the steps below:-

  • Go to router main page and login with username and password
  • Under settings, look for UPnP and enable it.
  • Save the settings and restart the router.

Another method to resolve connectivity issues and remove in-game glitches, try to configure the QoS service. The purpose of QoS is to provide the desired bandwidth to the processes with the highest priority. It could be the case that Pokemon GO could be set at least priority and this not getting enough bandwidth to support online gaming. So in order to prioritize your game bandwidth, try to configure QoS from the following methods:-

  • Go to the settings tab and look for QoS
  • Under processes list, give priority to your desired process
  • Save the settings and restart the router

Since the settings differ for each router, you can ask your IP provider to configure your settings. Hopefully changing advanced settings can resolve your error.

Switch to Mobile data

If you are having issues with WIFI connectivity or router, try switching from your Internet connection to mobile data. To enjoy the game online, you should have a strong mobile data signal. Before switching to mobile data, restart your device or switch to airplane mode. In this way, it will reset your mobile data strength providing you with a flawless connection. Try to have some extra credit on your mobile in case your run of out your data package!

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Clear Pokemon Go cache from the device

It is quite possible that over time your android device may get laggy and cause performance issues. These bugs can cause an app to compromise on performance and cause it to lag or cause errors. To remove the bugs and unwanted files, you can remove the game cache from the system to maximize your device as well as game performance and remove any glitches or bugs. To clear the cache of Pokemon GO, follow the steps below on your android device:-

  • Go to your settings menu from your device
  • Head towards the installed application section
  • from the list, go to Pokemon GO and select it
  • From the menu select the ‘Storage and Cache‘ option
  • Click on the clear cache option and restart your game.

A casual reminder that you cannot perform the above task on IOS devices as Apple does not allow third-party actions to be performed on other devices. IOS users can uninstall the game and install it later on to solve the issue.

Reinstall Pokemon GO

If all the above methods failed to get your error fixed, reinstalling the game is the only option you are left with. Removing the application from the device also deletes the unwanted files and processes from the system and you can install it again. Due to the large game size, this option should only be used as the final option to get the issue fixed.

The above methods can surely help you get your issues and bugs fixed. If you are still facing errors try contacting the Niantic support team or visit their Known Errors page, or follow updates on their social media handles to get the latest reports about errors and their fixes. This error is due to the most recent update of the game and you need to wait until the developers send out an update or the patch to resolve the issue.

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