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PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X won’t get Pro refreshes mid-cycle, says former Xbox Exec

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The PlayStation 5 reveal happened recently, with Sony announcing all the new features and games that the new generation of their console would bring. Now, with the holiday season approaching, the latest Xbox Series X is also slated to drop alongside the PlayStation 5. These new consoles will bring some significant updates over the last generation.


In terms of games, there are a number of popular titles set to release with the newer consoles. We have newer installments of games like Spider-Man and Gran Turismo on the PlayStation. The Xbox players, on the other hand, will be treated with a newer entry in the Halo series with Halo Infinite among many others.

With the improved AMD GPUs, we can expect higher framerates as well, which means fluid gameplay. The newer models will also support 4k gaming at up to 120 FPS, which is a first for consoles. Ultrasharp details and technologies like real-time Raytracing are also something to look forward too. With the new generation of consoles, players will also get faster solid-state drives, which means less waiting on loading screens and more gaming.

Check out the full spec sheet of the PlayStation 5 here 

With the standard consoles set to release soon, you might be thinking about the more powerful model’s release too. In the past, sometime after the release of a console, Sony and Microsoft would release an improved or updated version. This version Called “Pro” in the case of Sony had improved hardware capabilities like support for 4k and HDR. However, we have rumors that this time it might not be the case.


The companies this time are taking a different route for plans. In the case of Microsoft, we have hints of a low power budget version of the Xbox called “Lockhart” or Series S. For Sony, on the other hand, we had heard rumors earlier that they would release a PlayStation 5 Pro later as the graphics and processing technologies improved.

The plans for PS5 Pro look a little in danger to former Xbox executive Albert Penello. He said that he does not think that a mid-generation console will be released this year because our technology is already at a point of saturation right now.

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The previous generation was updated to support newer 4k standards, but now that our hardware can do more than 4k, there is no point in updating it. Also, it is not likely that 8k resolution will become common anytime soon.

Similarly, in terms of processing power, he commented that updating machines for small improvements would be “less financially and technically viable,” as “I don’t see a 20/24 teraflop machine being affordable in a console form factor even in 3 years.” He further added that “The node change from 7nm to 5nm or 3 nm is going to be cost-prohibitive and just mathematically unless they hit 3nm you’re only going to see a 30% reduction in size.”

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The decision of an updated console depends on the advancements we make in terms of hardware in future years. With AMD Zen 3 processors also on the horizon, things could change pretty fast. In addition to that, gaming consoles have never been profitable for companies. They’re the conduit used to push software sales, which are the real revenue generators.

If the games and hardware in the future point towards an updated console, we’re sure that Sony will push for a PS5 model. Until that time though, a PlayStation 5 Pro seems very unlikely.

For Xbox, we already have enough rumors that there will be a second device to release. According to some leaks, the Xbox Series S will be revealed during an August event. The final release, however, may take place with the primary model, or it might drop sometime later next year.


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