Play with aliens, animals and BLOBS in the game Deformers

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Want a game that lets you indulge in an exciting battle but with much less violence, bloodshed and darkness? Then get your hands on Deformers.

This new game was launched earlier in April this year and since then has been the go-to game for most video game enthusiasts. It is a physics-based arena brawler available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.

With a colorful picturesque background it consists of little adorable looking creatures – blobs, animals and aliens – that you play with to battle-out the bad guys against your opponents. You can either play it against with your friends with its multiplayer option or with opponents online.

You can pick a player of your choice from cute to crazy and play in the Deformer’s range of modes available. The best part about the game is as you play and go up different levels by shooting and throwing your way to victory you can customize your form and style to appear unique and equally crazy.

Although it has become immensely popular ever since its official release, the game has been criticized for being heavy on the pocket. Players are calling out The Order: 1886 studio for charging an exuberant price of $30 for the game, despite it being packaged with three different modes to play from: Free for All, Team Deathmatch and a unique soccer game style experience. The modes let you have fun while battling your opponents and smashing them all.

Another aspect that may hinder the gaming experience of Deformers is, however, its lack of content that comes with leveling up, making many players feels it was released incomplete. However, the developers have promised frequent updates to add to the exciting experience.

But the major plus for the game are its pretty graphics. You can play in the ruins, the deserts or under the big top, with clear and amazing graphics. And if you are finding it hard to play the game then you can watch the tutorials on YouTube. They are short, sufficient and segmented. You can learn how to play with the videos that covers all the basic elements for live matches, including movement, power-ups, charging and shooting.

The offline version of the game allows split-screen co-op for multiplayers, for as many as two to four. In fact, you can play it with anyone as the secondary accounts do not necessarily need to have memberships of neither Xbox Live Gold nor PlayStation Plus.

So download, play and shoot while enjoying the soothing soundtrack from Austin Wintory.

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