Pioneer Rayz Rally for business nomads

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Unless you live under the rock, you would know that Pioneer Corporation recently launched its latest devices Rayz and Rayz Plus. The gadget is a noise-cancelling headphone that lets you enjoy the soothing music without any hindrance from external noises. The headphone connects to a device that supports iOS with a Lightning cable and is shipped with 3 different ear tips.

This new generation of Lightening-powered headphones is, however, not a new concept. Bose ear-cancelling headphones already boast a strong market. But following the release of Rayz and Rayz Plus, the Japanese multinational cooperation is all set to ship yet another gadget, the Rayz Rally. These are Pioneer’s latest speakers said to be the first of its kind, and are now available around the globe and are priced at almost $100. You can get your hands on them from your nearest Apple Store or get them shipped through in three different colors: onyx, ice or space gray.

The small Lightening-powered speaker can be connected to any of your iPhone, iPad Touch or iPads, iOS devices. Owing to its tiny size you can take them anywhere without worrying about its battery running out as the speakers are powered through the iOS device it is attached to and works as it charges.

The Rally is primarily designed to serve business persons, aimed at making conference calling smart, easy and convenient with a click of a button as it can help cut the external noise in the background when one’s making a phone call by a noise-reduction feature. The company specializing in digital entertainment products envisions to limit users’ reliance on iPhones inbuilt speakers for conference calls and shift it to Rayz Rally as the new-age portable product for phone calls.

However, Rally isn’t just limited to conference calls. The single button on the device can also mute phone calls while one enjoy music played through the speakers so that people on the other side of the phone call don’t know what you are listening to. You can easily play music or watch videos on your iOS devices by plugging in the speaker through a lightening cable.

The Tokyo-based company also provides upgrades for Rally to keep up with the changing pace. While Rally produces a clear and loud sound, when compared to other products such as Apple’s own iPad Pro’s speakers, it lags behind in giving a quality experience without providing proper bass. The pocket-sized speakers may be heavy on your pockets with a hefty amount of $100, Rally paired with the Rayz App does the work of making calling easier, as it slogan says “anytime, from anywhere.”

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