Philips Norelco 5500

Philips Norelco 5500 review

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Making a seamless and quick shave every morning is a must for most of the men. The days of traditional razors and blades used for face shaving purposes are long gone. Electronic Shavers have been a major hit in recent years, especially the ones with the option of wet shaving.

An enhanced version of the famous trimmers and clippers, these machines have taken over the shaving market with their improved usability and convenience.

Philips, being no slouch is this industry, is a major shareholder in the shavers market with its top of the line series of shaving machines which offer exciting features and upgrades, reliability and longevity. Philips Norelco 5500 is no exception; Inheriting the advanced features and qualities from its predecessors of famous Norelco line of rotary style men shavers.

This cordless, rechargeable shaving Marvel offers exceptional performance on both in and out of showers in just about $100, making it an attractive deal for men of every age group. Also, it comes with a shaving head which can flex in five directions to give a perfect shave on difficult areas like jaw line and neck.


Being a member of the Philips Norelco 5000 series, this shaver is designated to be the middle model with reasonable price and exciting new features. So with this model, Philips has been able to hit the sweet spot for its consumer base regarding a good shave and affordable price.

The distinctive feature of this revolutionary shaver from Philips is the all-powerful turbo motor mode. This mode allows the shaver’s motor to work 10% faster than the regular or normal mode.

So with just a gentle push of a button with the machine operating in normal mode, you can complete the shaving job in lesser time and save the precious morning time of yours for other choruses. It is more efficient while dealing with denser parts of the beard.

The multi-precision blade system inside each of the rotary sections offers a complete shaving solution. You shaved just 24 hours ago, or the facial hair is untouched for three days, this smart shaver will make them disappear in no time.

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With this feature, the outer blade raises the hair irrespective of their size while the hidden blade cuts them off right at their roots resulting in a smooth facial skin. So along with the time-saving advantage, you will get a refreshing shaving experience without any cuts or irritating red patches.

The more expensive shavers have a mandatory charging and cleaning station. Being an economical version in the series, you will not find these in the accessories, yet it has a charging cord which can be conveniently attached to the bottom to get the battery replenished.

A fully charged battery can give up to an hour of working time which is enough for daily shaving routine for two weeks. Even if you find it fully discharged in the hour of need, just plug it in for 5 minutes and get enough time to have a complete one-time shaving experience.

The cleaning process is very straightforward for this shaver. The rotary tops can easily be flipped open, and you can place it under the running tap water for thorough cleaning. For wet shaving usage, it is recommended to be washed daily to avoid accumulation of sticky shaving products.

The shaver comes in an aesthetically pleasing design of body with black and gray coloring scheme, having dual options of either rotary head or trimmer. The three-level battery status indicator lets you know when it is fully charged and when you need to plug it in.

The travel lock keeps away the unintentional turning on of the device while the tapered curve on either side of the body prohibits the slipping off the machine and dropping as a result of soap covering or wet grip.


  • Five-way directional flex heads offer fast and close shave
  • Extra modality with turbo motor feature
  • Generous charge time of about 60 minutes
  • LED display for multiple status indications
  • Use of shaving gel is permitted while wet operation


  • For new users, LED messages can be misleading
  • A little harsh and sticky on the skin while using dry(some powder coating may help).
  • Some find it inconvenient to handle separate trimmer and shaver.

Final Verdict

With all the essential features of a shaver available at an economical price, this product is highly suitable for masses. For teenagers and financially struggling youngsters, this model can save the day.

You can always opt for high-performance machines with extra fancy features by spending a greater amount of your hard earned money, but you will not find such a complete package in this price range. With a trustable brand name of Philips and a 45-day customer satisfaction guarantee return policy, this is a highly recommended purchase which is hard to resist for many.

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