PewDiePie teams up with Goat Simulator’s dev to bring another hit: Animal Super Squad

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The much notorious YouTube star Felix Kjellberg known by the name of PewDiePie just delivered another milestone. He has enjoyed a lot of success in recent years, leading to a vast number of subscribers. The latest milestone was set courtesy a collaboration with Armin Ibrisagic, who is known for the Goat Simulator. The collaboration resulted in a game which presents a challenge to all those physicist players to control it’s out of control physics, and is dubbed Animal Super Squad.

The much-appreciated feature of the Goat Simulator, its collision engine is made use of for the Animal Super Squad. The objective is fairly simple; you just need to lead your avatar through a series of levels that have many obstacles in between. If you fail a level, there are epic bails which seem to entertain both players and viewers.

Basically, the role of Kjellberg was that of an advisor for the development of the Animal Super Squads and much of the game’s creative direction was majorly influenced by him. According to what Ibrisagic said to Kotaku, “Our game is a game about overcoming hardships and reaching your goals no matter what happens, even if the whole world is against you,”. He further stated that “Our user research on millennials has shown that players can best relate to a chicken riding downhill on a toilet on wheels being barely held together by duct-tape.”

Bear in mind, that this is not their first collaboration; they have also worked together in the past. The PieDiePie’s Tuber was their last year collaboration, which was launched to work as satire onto the life of an online video star. There have been many controversies, since their past collaboration; Kjellberg had to face not just one but two controversies. He was accused of raising Anti-Semitism views within his videos, in February. To add more fire, in one of his live streams in September, he caused a great deal of controversy when he used the n-word.

Even though this might have had an effect on how the public perceives Kjelberg, but this in no way caused its audience to decline, but it has grown ever since, with his subscribers amassing to more than 57 million.


According to Ibrisagic, “ ‘What is the second funniest thing a chicken can ride apart from a washing machine on wheels?’ is an example of the hard and brave questions Felix and I have discussed during the production of this game”. He further added that “I could probably give you some Zuckerburger PR fluff about connecting people’s vibrational soul energy and smearing creativity across the world, but our custom level editor is for making intensely frustrating maps that mess with people’s minds and drive them crazy, which we think is great”.

The early access copy of Animal Super Squad is available on Steam. The game is relatively inexpensive than other games costing just $9.99.

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