PewDiePie kept playing against bots in PUBG Mobile and didn’t realize it

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In a video titled “I WON MY FIRST GAME!”, sponsored by PUBG, PewDiePie records himself playing the mobile version of a famous battle royale game “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” for the first time, and it turned out pretty funny as Pewds didn’t realize that all the people he was shooting at and killed were actually no real people, but AI bots.

Felix, the owner of a top Youtube channel “Pewdiepie” uploaded a funny game-commentary video yesterday which was basically a paid promotion video by PUBG, with lots of game-download links in its description box.

PUBG mobile and Fortnite are the two most played battle royale games these days but Pewdiepie had played none of it until yesterday. Pewds had earlier uploaded videos concerning the Fortnite lovers spamming youtube content filled with nothing else but videos of people playing Fortnite.

In one of his reaction videos, Pewds called Fortnite a rip off of PUBG and revealed that he used to play PUBG on PC way before the Fortnite was even created.

This might have given an idea to PUBG developers to make Felix play their mobile version and pass his comments about the game in one of his game-commentary videos and so he did.

As he enters into the game app, Felix was astonished and at the same time impressed seeing the graphics and better game-play of PUBG in its mobile version, saying “How could they possibly make this game Mobile? and why do the graphics look better than PC?”.

Moving on to choosing a name for himself and after multiple attempts to get one, Pewds keeps it “iloveass99999” and offers his Youtube fam to add him up from there in the game.

The game starts and Pewds looks totally immersed in the game, shooting down people one by one. At one point, he is surprised seeing people not attacking as fiercely as he is in his first game. He calls them “Stupid” for dying so easily – but what he doesn’t know is that they were not ‘real people’.

As it was Pewds first game, starting from the first league from the bottom i.e Bronze 5, the battle zone in this league is full of AI bots to train newbie players how to play the game and that’s exactly what was happening in Pewdiepie’s game too. All those people he was happily shooting at were actually there to make him feel happy about it.

As Pewdiepie celebrates his very first victory in PUBG mobile game and uploads the video, he is shortly bombarded with comments of reality-check, popping his bubble, telling him that all this time, he was just playing against bots that were strategically placed to teach him the game. To which Pewdiepie, hiding the embarrassment, replies commenting, “Clearly anyone saying I was playing against bots are J E A L O U S of my skills. Cry more babies!”.

Check out the video here..

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