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Pewdiepie Just Hit The Biggest Milestone of His YouTube Career

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When Fred became the first individual to hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube, it was seen as something unprecedented and monumental. After all, way back when YouTube was still in adolescence, it was a pretty big deal for someone to have a hundred thousand subscribers let alone a million. Gone are those days now as YouTube has sprawled out into an absolutely colossal media hub. Having a million subscribers is no longer seen as otherworldly. However, in a world where nothing seems to be special anymore, one person has managed to stay relevant and consistent at the top of the pile, Pewdiepie.

Pewdiepie surpasses 100 Million

Pewdiepie has just managed to become the first individual to reach 100 million subscribers on YouTube. To put things into perspective, that’s greater than the population of most nations in Europe. However, what makes this 100 million so much more special is the fact that Pewdiepie has managed to defy all the odds to reach it. Gaining popularity because of his horror games and happy wheels lets plays, Pewdiepie has been extremely fast to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of YouTube over the years, changing his style in the process but still sticking to the same core principles. He has also had a fair share of controversies and allegations against him but has miraculously come out unscathed through most of them.

Felix ‘Pewdiepie’ Kjellberg

Usually, famous YouTube content creators are very over-the-top and can sometimes come off as indecent. Pewdiepie on the other hand, has chosen not to wander off to that path. One thing that sets Pewdiepie apart from the rest of the mainstream content creators is the fact that even after all of the fame and wealth, he has stuck to his principles and has stayed humble through the years. He has remained passionate for the things he loves and continues to put maximum effort into his content. Impervious to all the drama and controversy, Pewdiepie has also kept his ingenuity intact, winning hearts of millions of people around the world along the way. His ever-growing fanbase is also extremely loyal and shows no signs of abandoning him anytime soon.

The week of Pewdiepie

On Monday, August 19, Pewdiepie got married to his girlfriend of over seven years, Marzia. The whole internet community reached out and congratulated Pewdiepie. The outpouring of love from all over the world for Pewdiepie was honestly a sight to behold.

Pewdiepie Wedding

Reaching 100 Million subscribers in the same week will surely mean a lot to him and will round off what is probably the best week of his life yet. However, at the end of the day, it is just another milestone for the man who has defied all odds to keep his place at the top. Pewdiepie, over the years, has managed to achieve what no other individual could have even dreamed of. He is, indeed, the King of YouTube and his name has been carved into the history books.

However, the show must go on, and tomorrow, when he wakes up with over 100 million subscribers to his name, it will be just another day of work for him. He will be as focused as ever, giving the utmost respect to his craft, with his sights set on the next big milestone of his career. However, he will still be the same Pewdiepie, doing what he does best – bringing smiles to millions of people every single day.

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