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Pewdiepie Just Got a Mysterious Package from YouTube – What’s Inside it?

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The Pewdiepie 100 Million train was in full swing for a couple of weeks until it eventually slowed down recently. The world of Pewdiepie has finally returned to normality after what would have been an absolutely crazy couple of weeks for him. I mean, getting over the 100 Million subscriber mark and getting married in the same week would have been so surreal and overwhelming in a way. I don’t think anything would beat that feeling for quite some time now. However, it seems like YouTube isn’t quite done with Pewdiepie yet and has some other plans for him.

Secret Package from YouTube

Pewdiepie hasn’t been on YouTube’s friends’ list ever since the controversies around his racist remarks and general edginess. In the aftermath of those controversies, YouTube cancelled Pewdiepie’s show and banished him from YouTube’s top recommended pages. it was like Obi Wan having to defeat Anakin because Pewdiepie was supposed to be the chosen one but he chose the dark side instead. However, it seems like time does heal all wounds as YouTube has sent a special care package to Pewdiepie, weeks after he reached 100 Million subscribers.

As seen in Pewdiepie’s tweet, the red box is on brand for both YouTube and Pewdiepie and seems to be containing something rather valuable. However, that is not the point. The red briefcase is much more than a box containing something. It represents YouTube finally acknowledging Pewdiepie’s existence after so many years of ignoring him. Does this mean that things are going back to normal? Who knows, we might even see him in this year’s YouTube rewind. It would probably be the most disliked video of all time (overtaking last year’s rewind) if he isn’t in it, to be honest.

What’s inside the box?

Metaphors aside, what does the box actually contain? Well, if you’ve been following YouTube’s twitter account recently, it would be an easy guess. However, if you still haven’t managed to figure out what’s inside the box, take a look at this tweet.

Yes, YouTube has made a special 100 Million Subscriber award for both Pewdiepie and T-Series. Carved out of red crystal, the ornate 100 Million ‘Red Diamond’ award looks extremely pristine and well-crafted. However, it is still nowhere near as special as Pewdiepie’s custom 50 Million bro fist award. It is understandable on YouTube’s part though as Pewdiepie is not the only channel with 100 Million subscribers. While the box may contain something else entirely, the chances of that are pretty slim and we’re probably going to see an unboxing video on Pewdiepie’s channel in a day or two.

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