People who died in GOT’s Battle of Winterfell and How we feel about it

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The latest episode of Game of Thrones has just aired and it was a special one. This wasn’t much of a surprise as the events of the previous episodes have built up the hype among fans to look forward to this. And the episode did deliver. It was easily one the most action-packed episode of the franchise if the most.

Now, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’d be okay with seeing main characters die. I mean Ned Stark, a character who everyone thought would survive at least half of the entirety of the show, died in the first season. That’s what made the show interesting, its unpredictability on who’s going to die next.

However, this episode was a step ahead. Being an episode of the last season, it was already evident some of our favorite cast members would have to leave. We were also warned beforehand that there would be multiple main character deaths and that’s exactly what happened. So here’s a list of all the main character who bid us farewell in this historical episode.

*Warning Spoilers Ahead*

Daenerys and Jon look at Winterfell Season 8 episode 3
Image: HBO

1. Edd Tollett (Dolorous Edd)

Edd Tollet Game of Thrones
Image: HBO

The former commander of the Night’s Watch and a good friend of Jon Snow met his demise during the early stages of the battle. He was fighting right outside the walls of Winterfell when he got distracted for a second while saving his former comrade, Samwell Tarly. He was stabbed in the back of his head by a Wight.

Edd wasn’t exactly popular among the fans and many of you probably won’t even remember his name. Regardless, he played an important part in the storyline and died an honorable death. His death, however, wasn’t sentimental as it happened in the heat of the moment and the episode moved on.

2. Lord Beric Dondarrion

Lord Beric Dondarrion Game of Thrones
Image: HBO

Resurrected by the Lord of Light multiple times, this flaming sword-wielding warrior was one of the few people who was exempted by Arya Stark from her Kill List. Sure enough, he was killed while protecting Arya alongside the Sandor Clegane (The Hound). Lord Beric sacrificed himself by forming a barrier between his allies and the wights, which led to him being stabbed multiple times.

Lord Beric, like Edd Tollett, isn’t exactly the most favorite character of the vast majority. However, his death was portrayed beautifully which was successful in triggering our sentiments.

3. Lyanna Mormont

Lyanna Mormont Game of Thrones
Image: HBO

One of the youngest leaders in the show and well known for her badassery, Lyanna Mormont also met her end in this episode. She was crushed to death by the wight giant after it entered Winterfell to lay carnage among the living. However, before she met her end, she managed to stab the giant in the eye with a Dragonglass sword, which killed it as well.

Lady Lyanna’s death was probably one of the most heroic and was portrayed as such. Watching her charge at the giant, heavily injured with a battle cry gave us chills. Also, her killing the giant the way she did, proved that she was a badass through and through. I just wish they didn’t show her come back as a wight though.

4. Theon Greyjoy

Theon Greyjoy Game of Thrones
Image: HBO

This character has stuck with us since the start of the show and there was a time when we all either hated him or couldn’t help feel sorry for him. Theon’s ambitions may have gotten the best of him in the past but thankfully, he did redeem himself at the end. After Theon came to Winterfell before the battle, he volunteered to protect Bran Stark. We figured it was where he’d go and that’s exactly what happened. The great Ironborn was killed by the Night King, who stabbed him with his own spear.

Theon may have had disgraceful moments in the earlier seasons, however, this was where he finally met a noble end. It was the closure he needed especially with Bran thanking him before he charged towards the Night King. Needless to say, he will always have a place in our hearts.

5. Night King

Night King Game of Thrones
Image: HBO

The leader of the army of the dead and one of the main antagonist oh this show, The Night King has also finally met his end. Shown throughout the show as someone invincible, it was something seeing him die by the hands of Arya Stark by being stabbed with a Valyrian Steel Dagger.

Now it’d be an understatement even if I say that this was the most important death of the entire franchise. And thankfully, it was conducted as such. The show was at its climax when Arya jumped behind the Night King in attempts to finish him. The Night King, having lightning fast reflexes, turned around caught Arya by her neck. For a second it looked like the end of Arya when she, dramatically turned the tables on him and stuck her dagger into him. The Night King’s death subsequently resulted in the death of all wights and White Walkers as well.

6. Ser Jorah Mormont

Ser Jorah Mormont Game of Thrones
Image: HBO

One of the very few survivors of the highly contagious Grayscale and being heavily friend-zoned by Daenerys Targaryen, Ser Jorah lived a difficult life. He was also one of the few characters that we had seen from the very first season. His death was beautiful as he spent his last moments protecting the woman he loved and receiving multiple stab wounds in return. Jorah was always heroic and his death was no less.

In fact, his death was probably the saddest especially the way it was portrayed. The way Daenerys wept over his body, in the end, forced even the toughest among us to shed a tear or two. The piano music was the icing on the cake and just like that Ser Jorah was at peace.

7. Melisandre

Melisandre Game of Thrones
Image: HBO

Also known as the Red Woman, Melisandre made a surprise entrance in this episode after a long time. Her past wasn’t exactly the cleanest as she was responsible for Princess Shireen being burnt alive. However, like Theon, she was able to redeem herself by helping the army of the living. Her death was the last main character death shown in this episode and surprisingly, unlike all other deaths in this list, it was natural.

When the Battle of Winterfell was over, Melisandre walked out of the city into the icy tundra removing her anti-aging necklace along the way. As we’ve seen in one of the previous seasons, Melisandre is actually a lot older than she looks. SHe transformed into her older self, which after walking a distance, collapsed as Ser Davos watched. Her purpose had been served and it was simply her time to go.

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