Panasonic’s Transparent TV – The Display Of The Future

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The tech giant Panasonic has taken the televisions to a whole new level by unveiling their super advanced telly of the future at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). As if curved screens, Dolby vision, HDR and 4K TVs weren’t enough. The company showcased the prototype for their upcoming OLED television that goes completely​ transparent and you can see the ornaments or the wall behind when it is not being used.

This sci-fi style OLED screen looks like an ordinary transparent glass panel until it is turned on and then you can see the amazing high definition and crisp picture on it. It is made up of fine mesh, embedded into a glass panel. This transparent technology​ works because of the thin layer of plastic between the two electrodes on top of a glass slab.

The OLED technology is also very eco-friendly and uses very little power to work. As the company describes it all as “the future of display screens”.

Image by Futurism

Panasonic first used LED instead of OLED but they were not satisfied by the transparency and image quality of it as LED screen used the backlight to boost the image quality while on the other hand, OLED does not use any backlight, its each pixel is self illuminating. The image quality is so good that it is almost indistinguishable from existing televisions.

It is not just a TV, it is a complete multimedia center, you can get weather updates, surf the Internet, listen to music, see photos etc. It has sensors and voice recognition built into it and the user can even interact it with gestures like turning it on with a wave of a hand. You can even slide panel around by easily getting behind the shelves, you can adjust the height of the display to get better viewing angles.

The current prototype has a resolution of 1080p but the company says that the latest version of their invisible OLED Display might be 4K, look even more polished and transparent when switched off and the picture quality would be up to the mark.

If you’re thinking about buying this TV cause you have a budget and were already planning an upgrade, then you should not get too excited as it is only a prototype and despite the progress, it would further take three years for development. But this might actually be a good thing for some people as it will give them some time to save up for it.

Panasonic is not the only company to join the array of futuristic televisions, LG is also working on a flexible screen project, it will be an 18 inch display which you can fold it up and carry. Seeing all this we can say very exciting times are coming in the near future.

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