Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV95-S – Advanced Shaving Experience with Five High – Powered Blades

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Calling it a superior breed of the shaver, “Panasonic” recently launched a – chargeable, wet/dry and easy–to–handle electric shaver “Arc 5 ES – LV95 – S”, which is already taking over the market with its advanced Five powerful blades and Shave Sensor Technology.

The most significant feature which differs it from other brands is its “Active Shave Sensor”, which monitors beard density to adjust cutting power, eliminating any chance of a scrape or a cut. It has reportedly provided the looks men wanted for so long without spending a huge amount of money visiting expensive salons. This super shaver also shows the exact time you took shaving since it is designed to save your time but not compromising on the quality of its results.

The addition of blades and advancing the shaving techniques through its new technology, Panasonic has definitely challenged the other companies. It’s Five high-powered, sharpened blades work smoothly on every type of hair, whether they are long, curls, flat or very close to the skin, this shaver got them all covered!

It has assured to provide perfect shave result in a single use which makes it better than what other companies offering in the market. It adjusts itself automatically and can be easily removed for cleaning purpose.

An interesting feature that makes it more attractive is its LCD that not only shows you the battery life but also the time you take to complete your shaves. It is something beyond expectation as it has a dominating feature of child lock through which daddies, who do not have time to look after the activities of their children whole day, would protect their kids from using it as every son imitates shaving.

Another important thing that most of the shaver companies ignore is the nice grip necessary for a good shave, Arc5 has an easy-to-carry design which helps with it. Also, for the sake of safe shaving, it comes with Multiflex pivoting head glide which moves and adjusts itself while running on face, neck, and jawline. A linear motor is another great feature that helps in maintaining its professional performance.

It is all – in – one grooming tool which makes shaving fun, easy and safe for men. It has a cleaning and charging station which provides the easiest way to clean the blades that take only half an hour, all you need is to press the button and Voila!

You just require a specially manufactured detergent cartridge that automatically washes the blades, making it ready for next use. It also includes a charging device which charges the razor automatically. It is designed to simplify one of your daily routine activities.

As the name suggests, it is a wet/dry shaver, which means it could be used quickly when you are running late for office or you’re relaxing in your shower, even if you are using any type of gel or moisturizer, it won’t cause any damage to your machine. It also comes with a traveler pouch designed to take little space in your bag, to help you take it anywhere you want.

The leather bag of Arc5 ES – LV95 – S contains all the things you need for shaving:

– the most powerful Electric shaver
– cleaning and charging station
– travel pouch
– machine detergent for cleaning the razors
– cordless recharger

Key Features:
Five blades
Shaving sensor to adjust cutting density by itself
Cleaning station that makes it different from others
Multi – flex pivot glides
Easy grip
Linear motor
Completely waterproof

Price: The price of this super pro-Arc5 ES – LV95 – S electric shaver is $249 at

The additional things user needs are detergent that is specially manufactured for this product and some replaceable blades, which are also available at

However, if you have a sensitive skin, you might need to be a little careful while using it for the first time. It would be better if you do a small patch test before start shaving. It has the dual property of being used as wet or dry, according to person’s skin type and requirement. So, one could use a lot of moisturizers to avoid any harm.

Another drawback is the buzzing sound which sometimes irritates users very much. Apart from these two drawbacks, Arc5 ES – LV95 has nothing else and from our viewpoint, it should be present in every man’s shaving kit. This is a must try for every man out there who wants a fast and safe shave anywhere in one go.

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