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Pakistan and India to resolve Kashmir issue conclusively, urges President Erdogan

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In Jammu and Kashmir, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan clearly alleged that “There is a state of India, and there is one of Pakistan, who both are in need of settling this dispute once and for all”, reported by Radio Pakistan today.

Erdogan focused the long-standing Kashmir dispute and the call for resolving the issue for both countries. He clearly rejected that Kurdish rebellious can’t be same like those of Kashmiri freedom fighters. Their difference is same as that of “apples and oranges”. “If we compare apples to oranges, we will make a mistake, a big mistake,” the President talked to news portal WION. He also told that

“We have no problems with the Kurdish people, Kurdish citizens in Turkey. We have a problem with terrorist organizations. With regard to the Kashmir question, there is no similarity whatsoever. The nature of the two disputes is different. There is a territorial dispute in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan, as a state, is pursuing its own theory and arguments. And they are right. But India as a state is also pursuing her own agenda, her own arguments and she is right too.”

Upon questioned why Turkey has blocked India’s admission to Nuclear Suppliers Group, President replied that Pakistan, as well as India both, have always had Ankara’s support for their entries in NSG. He stated that both of the countries “have nuclear capabilities and both are right”.

The President denied linking India with Pakistan. “We are not linking the two. That is why I said India’s right and Pakistan’s right too. They have both nuclear capabilities. We are trying to act very fairly and are supportive of India. And India’s Prime Minister has thanked me for that support. Similarly, we have been supportive of Pakistan too.”

President also mentioned that Turkey would never stand against India in Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC).  “We would never release statements against India… All we want to see is open the channels for dialogue in order to bring India and Pakistan closer to one another, in order to hopefully settle the dispute on Kashmir once and for all. This is what troubling us, this is what we are working on.”

Erdogan listed that in UN there must be no permanent or non-permanent seats. Rather he added that 20 member countries are allowed to rotate after every two years in Security Council. In the favor of India, he speaks that “India is a very important power in that regard and India should be represented at the Security Council… The Security Council has never been reformed, it needs to be updated.”

Erdogen’s declaration arouses against Indian’s brutal and violent Armed Force who took away the lives of many Young Muslims in Indian-occupied Kashmir during last month.

More than six people were forced to death on April 9, 2017 when Indian Police stop protesters from creating haphazard during a by-election for a parliament seat. Thousands of protesters started shouting against Indian government and Police which afterwards created the fiery atmosphere all around the voting booths near Srinagar.

Also, during this week Kashmir rulers asked Internet Service Provider (ISP) to block more than 15 social media services for one month due to the reason that they are responsible for promoting “anti-national and anti-social elements”.

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