Overwatch developers buff character after Elon Musk requests a change

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Interesting things have been happening in the game world recently. Elon Musk recently revealed his favorite character in  Blizzard’s hero-based FPS game called Overwatch. Musk confirmed his main in-game character was Torbjorn and asked the developers for a few changes. And, they replied and did what he asked.

Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The game is pretty famous among multiplayer enthusiasts and competitive gamers as well. You would think that Elon Musk the owner of the world’s largest tech companies will rarely get the time for gaming. However, as it turns out 49-year-old mains Torbjorn in Overwatch and has a pretty sound knowledge of the game.

The conversation sparked after an interesting conversation between Musk and the gaming YouTuber twomad. He asked Musk whether he played Torbjorn in Overwatch. This question makes sense because Torbjorn is an engineering genius who believes technology should help humanity become a better version of themselves.

If that sounds a little similar to you then you’re not alone, twomad clearly thought his question through and interestingly Elon Musk Played along. he responded to the tweet with the question saying “Um … yes,”. this was enough to spark joy among the Overwatch community and the internet went wild.

Interestingly soon after overwatch also joined the conversation posting a picture of Torb’s turret on Mars. The tweet mentioned Musk and twomad and it said “we’ve been thinking about this for a while. Call us”. It makes sense for them to ask this for Elon Musk considering he owns Spacex and can even make this happen if he wants to. However, that would require a lot of engineering marvels to happen and we don’t think it’s a priority right now.

Torbjorn Buff:

However, this story does not end here Elon Musk kept the conversation going and asked Overwatch developers to improve Torbjorn’s turrets.

“Please buff Torb’s turret!” replied Musk. “Or maybe 2 weak turrets to allow more strategic degrees of freedom.” Blizzard was not the one to sit down after this big opportunity for them. Sure enough, they started working on Elon’s request. Previously, Torb was considered a bit of a joke or throw pick who offered very little benefit on the attack. If blizzard did what he asked it would make Torb a viable option for gamers once again. Even the request itself was not something ridiculous Elon Musk put a very smart idea in front of the team and asked them if they could deploy it.

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Soon after the request, the overwatch official account came back with a video of improved agent turrets. In the video showing Horizon Lunar Colony, Torbjorn throws out three turrets that are propelled into space with a little rocket thruster. He then sits down at the side while his suspended turrets automatically eliminate other characters walking out of the doors.

While it’s unlikely that these changes make it to the actual game. They could just give musk a special version of the game instead. Who knows next time someone in your team picks Torb you’ll have Elon Playing by your side.

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