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Outriders: How to Fix the ‘Could Not Connect to Servers’ Error?

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The Outriders is an upcoming role-playing game developed by People Can Fly studio. The game is currently available as a free-to-play demo with an official release to be on 1st April on all platforms. Outriders focus on four different player classes which can be customized and each class has its own unique ability to play with. Players can use a variety of weapons to attack and defend the enemy base. The game has bagged positive reviews from its online demo available now.

Since the game is rolled out as a demo, seeing different errors and glitches would be pretty normal. Every upcoming game needs to be careful about its server issues. We have seen various cases in which the players responded to server failure errors. Among Us and Call of Duty were major victims of this situation. The same happened with the Outriders as it went under the server connection error and the gaming community went fuming.

Source: CN Gosunoob

Restart your System, launch Outriders again

No matter how smooth your system is running, it can glitch anytime. If not from any virus in your system, several hardware and software issues might pile up in system memory and make it faulty. Due to this, you might get unexpected errors in-game. Another reason you might get such an error is that there could be several processes running in the background altering the system performance. One way to avoid this nuisance is to restart your system. This will kill unwanted processes in the background as well as clear the system cache giving it a fresh start.

Once you restart the system, it will terminate unwanted background tasks and resets your system memory. Now you can enjoy the game without any sort of bugs or error. Believe me, this simple method of ‘Turn it off and on’ works very miraculously and solves issues in no time. If this simple fix doesn’t work, try the following technical fixes to resolve the failed server connection error in Outriders.

Check your Internet Connection, Use a wired connection

The major reason you face the server connection error is your inadequate and fluctuating internet connection. Anything from packet loss, higher ping, bottleneck issues lead to an unstable network which in turn doesn’t ensure smooth server connection. If you are struggling with a server error, turn off your modem and restart it after 5-10 seconds. This will help to restore the signal strength and rebuild your connection helping to resolve the error. One more thing you can try is to disconnect WIFI from idle devices to reduce the connection load on your router.

To ensure you get uninterrupted connectivity, try switching to a wired connection. Wired connection is very crucial in online gaming as it provides a fast and durable connection. Simply connect the Ethernet cable to the port on your device and you are good to go. If simply turning the modem off and on doesn’t work, follow the advanced internet settings to fix the bug.

Configure NAT type and QoS settings

If the issue isn’t with your internet connection, then it might be with your router settings. Online gaming connectivity highly depends on your NAT type and bandwidth allocation. To configure these, you need to tweak advanced settings in the router menu. NAT type basically acts as a gateway between your IP and the game datacentres. If your NAT type is strict, it could be difficult to form a secure connection. To fix this, go to your router settings menu and look for the UPnP option and enable it. Once done, restart your router and it will resolve your server connection error.

Another solution is to enable QoS from router settings and prioritize Outriders from the existing processes on your IP. QoS basically prioritize the running processes on your IP by giving them a higher bandwidth in contrast to other applications. It is could be possible that Outriders couldn’t get higher bandwidth due to which it may be unable to connect to the server. To fix the error, go to the router settings menu and enable QoS. From the processes, set Outriders to a higher priority and restart the router.

For a better online gaming experience, you need to switch from a traditional 2.4GHz router to a much faster 5GHz router. The advantage of using a 5GHz router is that it provides a smooth, stable, and secure connection and reduces the connectivity error as well.

These settings vary from router to router. It would be best to contact your IP provider and ask him to configure the settings.

Use Google DNS for fast and secure connection

Your DNS service could become slow over time. Not allowing your address to be recognized by game servers. This results in poor connection which ultimately gives you a server connection error. One way to get this issue fixed is to switch to Google DNS. Switching to Google DNS could prove viable as it offers a fast, reliable, and secure connection for the gaming community. It will help to resolve your connectivity issues as well as providing you with better experience.

To switch to Google DNS, simply open the ‘Control Panel’ and head onto ‘Network and Internet; settings. From there, look for the DNS options and enter ‘’ in the primary tab. In the secondary tab, enter ‘’ and save the settings. Restart the router and now you have successfully switched to Google DNS. Enjoy your gaming without any server connection error.

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Reinstall Outriders on your system

Maybe you need to solve the error from the source. If the error is still bugging you, it might be a problem with the downloaded files. You need to uninstall the game from the system and remove the downloaded files as well. In this way, any bug corresponding to the game files would also be removed from the system and you can re-install the game afresh. Always use a trusted website like Steam to download the game. This step could be a discomfort for some players considering the network speed and the saved data but price must be paid for achieving something.

If you are still facing the server connection error then you need to wait while the developers fix the server issues. In their latest tweet, the Outriders support team said that they are scaling their servers in order to solve the connection error for players to enjoy the game.

Outriders demo is available now on steam and game stores on the PlayStation and Xbox. Check it out now and take a deep dive into an upcoming adventure game


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