Oscar-nominated filmmaker claims to have seen a UFO

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Oscar nominated filmmaker and director of The Shape of Water Guillermo Del Toro recently spoke about having experienced strange things in his life. It seems his ideas for his sci-fi and fantasy movies don’t just come out of nowhere as according to him he’s seen supernatural things, one of which he claims to be a UFO. According to him, the UFO was very disappointing and not what he’d have hoped it would be.

Del Toro went on to agree how stupid and crazy it all sounds but he seemed convinced that he saw the UFO. The story is from when he was younger, “I was with a friend” Del Toro told The Hollywood Reporter. They were out and had bought a six-pack, which he claims they didn’t drink (highly unlikely given the rest of the story) after which they drove out to a place called Cerro del Cuatro, “Mountain of the Four,” on the periphery of Guadalajara.

According to Del Toro, those two were the only guys on the freeway, they had just sat down to watch the stars with beer in hand until they suddenly saw a light moving “super-fast”. To this, they responded by honking their car and flashing the lights and then the UFO came closer to them from far away in an instant. The director of Pacific Rim described it as ‘creepy’ and although he claims it was a scary experience, he couldn’t help but be disappointed in the appearance of the UFO.

Del Toro described it as a flying saucer, with all the flashing lights and everything you’d expect out of a cartoon. Basically, a generic UFO that’s shown in most TV shows. Del Toro was disappointed that it looked exactly how he thought a UFO would look like because of the image given to him through the entertainment industry. “It’s so sad” he said, “I wish I could reveal they’re not what you think they are.”

If the story seems crazy and unbelievable, just think about the fact that the UFO according to him looked exactly how we think they look like. Although he was disappointed by that fact, it’s possible he was just drunk and could have been seeing things. That’s totally possible, else why would an actual UFO look so closely to how we’ve imagined UFOs to look like? Perhaps maybe we think too much on the appearance of a UFO and maybe the aliens are indeed simple beings and not so advanced as we’d have thought them to be.

Since this incident was many years ago, aliens have now improved their design? Maybe they’ll pay Del Toro another visit. It’s interesting however, he was able to notice the design of the ship while being terrified and running for his life. It’s as he said: “You sound like a complete lunatic”.

This hasn’t been the only bizarre experience Del Toro has had in his life as he’s claimed to have had an encounter with an actual ghost. He claimed to have seen “a sighing ghost, [with] a really sad sigh.”  The ghost it seems wasn’t interested in whatever Del Toro seemed to be doing at that time or found whatever he was doing to be boring.

There’s a recurring theme here. Be it encounters with ghosts or strange UFO sightings, there’s some sort of disappointment at the end of it all whether it’s Del Toro himself getting disappointed or the ghost.

If nothing, these ‘experiences’ sure would’ve given Del Toro great ideas for his movies. Of course, these experiences seem so weird and stupid that it’s best to think of them as a joke even though we’d want to be happy that we successfully predicted how a UFO would look like.

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