OriginPC delves into workstation territory with its NT-15Q Laptop

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OriginPC has been making a name for itself by offering what other companies don’t: loads of customization options. On top of that, the machines are totally geared towards ambitious people, and so does their new Workstation, the NT-15Q.

It is true that this would be the first ever workstation by OriginPC, but it shouldn’t be taken any lightly. This year’s E3 surely brought out a lot of things in the open, but this one was rather a surprise. The NT-15Q coupled with a Nivida Quadro Graphics System is surely going to catch the eyes of the many. Sadly, it isn’t yet known how much you shall have to spend to get your hands on one of these workstations, but there are somethings you would like to know about.

When you would have the first glance of this workstation from Origin PC, you are certainly going to have a déjà vu. Why so? Because Origin’s very own EON15-S has a very similar and lighter frame like this one. Like its pricing, the dimensions couldn’t be gathered either. Nevertheless, the workstation screams beauty through silver chrome toppings held by an elegant black chassis. On top of that, you shouldn’t be worried about the workstation’s size, since it can be easily carried around all day long: It’s so thin and portable.

As far as the specs are concerned, what we are looking at is a workstation with a 1920 x 1080 display. Though for the display savvy, you can always choose the one with a 4k panel. Furthermore, the RAM maxes out at 32 GB, which is a lot. The NT-15Q would be powered by an Intel Kaby Lake processor, for now, followed by Coffee Lake ones, in due time.

From the looks of it, the keyboard seems ideal for typing, and the touchpad is also spacious enough for smooth scrolling.

Furthermore, on top of this, OriginPC is about to become the gamechanger, through its HD UV Texture Printing Service. This surely would mean a lot to those who are in for some pretty heavy customization, which is what everyone looks at while buying an OriginPC machine.

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