Flexible Display

Organic LCD Technology – A Mind Blowing Flexible Display is a Reality Now!

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Imagine the things you can achieve with a display that folds away in your pocket! It is shatterproof, light weight, portable, can wrap around anything and is made of plastic. The possibilities for such a technology are simply endless. It is not mere science fiction anymore. FlexEnable, the company behind the breakthrough technology, has unveiled the prototype of OLCD and before you know it, the technology will be employed in mainstream consumer products.

Right now, the display technology used in the majority is the liquid crystal display (LCD) technology. These displays are made with glass, therefore, they are not easy to transport, can shatter if handled incorrectly, and are restricted to their definite form. If this glass in an LCD is replaced with plastic, and suitable liquid crystal materials are used, a flexible display can be achieved. The company behind the technology calls it the Organic Liquid Crystal Display – OLCD.

OLCD will be the same as the LCDs we use having the same quality, color and output but so flexible it can be put up anywhere in any way. It can be rolled up, even wrapped around your wrist and cheap too. Since OLCDs can be manufactured using the same equipment as LCDs and makes use of much of the materials used in the production of LCDs, the cost of manufacturing is not going to be skyrocketing.

This technology can be integrated into pretty much anything. It can be used in industries, homes, schools, offices and for manufacturing personal use gadgets. A flexible display can be used inside automobiles, in factories or airports for displaying information, employed for digital signage, inside our homes instead of the existing TVs we have, the list can go on.

Depending upon our imagination, a flexible display can be used in pretty much anything. Imagine your kitchen table displaying your favorite cooking show as you enjoy making a scrumptious meal for the family. Your favorite game being displayed on your patio wall while you enjoy an evening with friends. Or your bathroom wall playing your kids’ favorite cartoon while they enjoy their bath time. Creativity and imagination can do wonders using this technology.

Because these screens are made of plastic, are unbreakable and shatterproof, they can be put up pretty much anywhere without bothering about damage. This display does not require a controlled environment and you do not have to worry about dust and dampness. That is why it can be installed in your living room as much as in your kitchen, backyard and even in your bathroom. These are some very limited uses of this technology.

With the passage of time, more creative ideas making use of this technology will surface. It has enormous potential and is an innovation for the future.

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