Onyx Boox Max 2; Professional reader & E Ink monitor, 2 in 1

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Looking for a large screen e-book reader? Well, Onyx has the perfect reader for you with the ability to draw as an added plus. Presenting to you the ultimate dream of every reader supporting a huge 13.3″ E ink display, with amazing resolution to make the reading venture as comfy as possible. Added bonus is the drawing feature enabling you to sketch and at the same time make notes if necessary on the document you are reading.

ONYX BOOX MAX; a first of its kind  ONYX device supporting a 13.3″ E Ink screen. Android operating system forms the basis for this model, and hence it is suggested for academic and literary readers.

Supporting a 1 GB powerful compressor combined with a large display, the device is perfect for reading PDFs and DjVu files. On top of this the device is further made handy with the addition of Wi-Fi functionality allowing the user with full internet access and the factory installed Google Play further help to facilitate the reader.

Before you go all befuddled regarding the E Ink thingy, here is a brief account on what the technology is;

What E Ink Mobius actually is; these are light weight plastic screens based on the E ink technology. Replacing glass with plastic for the screens increases their lifetime and strength, since plastic ones are less fragile compared to the glass ones. Furthermore, he technology utilized makes the reading experience on the reader similar to that of reading on a paper, causing the display to consume power only when things change over it.

As mentioned earlier, the 13.3″ E Ink Mobius display makes the reading of PDFs and DjVus extremely comfy, added to this, documents rich in graphs and charts also appear clear and perfect on the display. Reading is made pleasurable on the device due to the absence of glare, and principle of image formation based on E ink method. While going through a document utility features like scrolling, zooming and notes making further improve the reading experience.

Added to this, the software of the reader allows the utility to open files varying in texts and formats. Inserting bookmarks, changing font style and size, adding your own fonts are some other additional features to  make the whole reading experience even more lively.

Specs of the device include:

  • A Freescale processor supporting a 1 GHz clock rate
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • nonvolatile 16 GB memory
  • microSD-slot supporting memory cards up to 32 GB (means one can read and store a lot of books)
  • battery capacity of 4100 mAh (provides a month of work)

The pre-installed English-Russian and Russian-English dictionaries, further improve the experience of using the reader. Having trouble understanding one language? Click on the word to translate it!

This MAX model allows the user to write personal software using the Android 4.0.4. options. Low power consumption of E-Ink display means that the reader can work and read to his heart’s content for as long as a month!

A number of different languages are also supported by the BOOX. For example, languages such as French, Arabic, English, Chinese, Russian, Swedish and many more for the utility of the reader. A very cool feature if you ask me.

However, there this little set back which makes the overall idea of the reader a little less appealing; it’s price! Costing about $800, it’s a bit heavy on the pocket to most, but you know what with the amazing features and the large screen I will definitely get myself one of these. The Boox Max 2 Professional is available for pre-order now and will start shipping from December 27th.

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