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Say Hello to OnePlus Nord, an upcoming mid-range king

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OnePlus is one of the few companies in the smartphone world that have made their mark in such a short time. The brand that is best known for being the ‘flagship killer’ is now taking the battle to the mid-range segment as well with the OnePlus Nord series.

The mid-range segment is becoming more and more crowded. Even giants like Samsung and Apple have started to understand the importance of the mid-range segment. Samsung has its spectrum of A series devices while Apple kept things simple by taking the iPhone SE route. Google also launched the Pixel 3a which is still preferred by many opposed to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL.

If engaging the public is an art, OnePlus is the Picasso of it. Unlike many companies such as LG, Motorola, and Nokia that generally target the same segment, OnePlus waited and created the hype for their new product. They had everyone speculating for months about the new direction OnePlus was planning to go.

There were a lot of rumors regarding the new OnePlus lineup. The company knew well about them as well. It is hard to dismiss the fact that it was all a part of their PR strategy. In a tweet, however, OnePlus finally revealed the name of the upcoming series.

The new series of mid-range devices will be called OnePlus Nord. Not much later, OnePlus also launched a teaser for the new series.

The teaser throughout resonates with the #newbeginnings trend of OnePlus. The Nord series seems to be focused towards the younger users. The main theme seems to be: “stay true to yourself”.

A sneak peek into the spec sheet!

While only a few glimpses of the phone could be seen in the teaser, they sure tell a lot about the phone.

Here’s a good look at the phone from the teaser.

oneplus, oneplus nord
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Some of the authentic speculations suggest that the OnePlus Nord will feature a 6.55 inch FHD+ OLED display. The screen is flat and there are no curved edges. The display looks gorgeous in this image as well. The phone is most likely to have a 90Hz refresh rate. This means that the touch response and the animations will be very fluid.

It can also be seen that the OnePlus Nord will feature a dual selfie camera. This lends credence to the speculations suggesting that the upcoming OnePlus device would feature a 32MP main front camera with an 8MP wide-angle lens alongside it.


Another good news for the OnePlus fans is that the alert slider, which is a flagship OnePlus feature, will also be making its way to the more pocket-friendly phone.

Moving on to the back of the phone, the camera cutout is vertical. The dimensions of the phone suggest that it could be quad camera layout. However, some earlier speculations hinted at a triple camera setup. That does not seem to be the case anymore.

The phone seems to have a grayish blue hue to it, which seems to be quite unique and premium. It also seems like a good way to target the younger consumers.

So far OnePlus hasn’t made any official statements about the processor of the upcoming phone. However, a few tweets point out that the Amazon page of the device suggests that it comes with a Snapdragon 765G processor.

How does it stack up?

There is no doubt the OnePlus has hit a home run with the Nord series. While a lot of loyal fans will be looking forward to the phone to upgrade from their older OnePlus devices, a lot of newcomers will have a way to test the OnePlus experience without breaking the bank.


OnePlus Nord will face major competition from Samsung Galaxy A51 and iPhone SE. However, it seems like a saner choice than both. While the iPhone SE is a beast when it comes to performance, the small screen size and bezels really put a leash to it. On the other hand, A51 is not really a performance champ, but it has a gorgeous display.

OnePlus Nord hits that perfect balance with its sufficiently powerful 765G processor and gorgeous 6.55 inch display. Moreover, it has that stock android feel with OxygenOS, that will also give competitors like the upcoming Pixel 4a a run for their money.

It is still to see how competitively OnePlus prices this series. So far, OnePlus hasn’t made any mistakes with this series so, one can only hope that the pricing will also be just as sweet.

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