OnePlus Nord off to a bumpy start with display issues similar to OnePlus 8

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After only a week of its launch, things are not looking good for this year’s budget champ OnePlus Nord. Many people are facing problems with new devices. One of the most common issues with early users is the purple display tint. There are also issues with screen colors in off-axis viewing. More questions and findings are pouring in on tech forums as the early customers use their phones.

The most common issue, however, is a problematic display color. There is a purple tint in the display or unusual colors in some places. These issues are being continuously reported on Reddit as well as the official OnePlus forums. The problems started to appear on the forums as soon as pre-orders of the device hit the customers.

OnePlus has gained a large number of users and admirers in the past years, and they’ve done that by listening to their user opinions. However, this is not the first time Oneplus users are facing this issue. Previously OnePlus 8 Pro also suffered from similar problems. Oneplus fixed this problem with a recent OTA software patch removing green tint experience by 8 Pro users.  This time we are unsure whether it is a software bug or a manufacturing fault in the hardware.

The tinting starts when you turn brightness below 25% in dark areas of the screen. You can see prominent tinting in the dark portions towards the lighter part of the display. The video below shows the issue of an actual OnePlus Nord courtesy of Leonardoyup on Reddit.

It is clear from the video that this a big problem on the phone. It can be very distracting for night use or even use indoors. There is a quick fix however if you turn brightness up to 60 percent, the issue disappears. That is still not a permanent issue, and OnePlus has to take this matter seriously.

Oneplus has also given a statement about the problem. They say that the OnePlus Nord is equipped with a 90 Hz AMOLED panel. The slight discoloration under special conditions of low brightness is a property of  AMOLED panels. “This is characteristic of all OLED displays. The degree of discoloration will vary depending on other properties of the display,” they said. Furthermore, OnePlus announced that they will continue to look into the matter and will let the customers know of any changes.

(Source: Mat Smith / Engadget)

Nord is the device that brought OnePlus back to the roots. The company started with the aim of flagship-like devices for a lower price and then gradually grew to one of the leading flagship manufacturers today. With this device, they tried to do what they did in the past make a phone with as many high-end features as possible while still keeping the price to a bare minimum. If OnePlus fails to deliver this time, it might be an unfortunate aspect for the future marketing of the company.

Being one of the best phones in the budget category, Nord will take a severe hit if OnePlus decides to ignore this problem. This is something that every potential buyer will take into mind before opting for the phone. Today many Chinese companies are looking for opportunities to take their place with compelling devices. So, OnePlus must tread carefully.

If you also ordered OnePlus Nord and are experiencing similar problems, let us know in the comments.




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