OnePlus Launch Event: Here’s what you need to know

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September is an important month in the world of tech. Most manufacturers choose this time of the year to launch their devices. A week ago, we saw the reveal of the latest iPhones by Apple and now we have some news from OnePlus. Earlier this year, we got the OnePlus 7 Series, which had the top of the line OnePlus 7 Pro and the base OnePlus 7. Now, it’s time for the OnePlus 7T Series.

Yes, OnePlus’s product line has gotten reasonably complicated as the company has grown. Just like the OnePlus 7 series, the 7T Series will have a flagship device, presumably called the OnePlus 7T Pro, and a cheaper base model called the OnePlus 7T. We haven’t been given the official specs yet but we can speculate what these devices will rock.

Image: Qualcomm

Performance-wise, both the devices are expected to have a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855+ under the hood. The 7T Pro is expected to have the same 6.67″ Quad-HD 90Hz Fluid AMOLED display panel as the OnePlus 7 Pro that we all have grown to love. However, this time the standard OnePlus 7T might get a slightly larger display at 6.5″ with a Quad-HD resolution.

Other performance changes might include a slight bump in the battery capacity with 4200mAh for the 7T Pro and a 4000mAh battery for the 7T. The 7T Pro is also expected to be 5G capable as the company’s CEO announced that they would release a 5G phone in Q4 2019. Both the devices are expected to retain the optical in-display fingerprint sensor with minor optimizations to make it even faster and more efficient.

Image: OnePlus

As far as the design is concerned, we have been provided with the official images of the back of the device. From what it looks like, the company is going for a frosted glass back, like the new iPhone 11 Pro, instead of the glossy back design found in previous OnePlus devices. Another thing that’s visibly changed in the new device is the camera module.

Yes, gone are the days of sleek camera modules. We’ve seen on the new iPhones and OnePlus seems to have followed suit. As you can see in the image above, the OnePlus 7T devices will have a huge circular camera module in the top-center of the device and there are a lot of opinions about it, mostly negative.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with it but it does take away the subtle design element that I prefer in phones. Also, from the looks of it, the camera bump is going to be significant so good luck using it flat on a table. The 7T Pro will retain the triple camera setup while the 7T might or might not get the third camera.

Apart from these devices, OnePlus is also expected to launch the OnePlus TV in the upcoming launch event. It is a first in OnePlus’s product history to launch something other than smartphones or their accessories. Unlike Apple TV or Apple TV+, OnePlus TV is actually going to be a Television that you can place and use in your living room.

From what the rumors tell us, it is going to be a decently specced midsize TV with a QLED display with Dolby Vision. What really got my attention, however, is the 8-speaker Dolby Atmos speaker setup, which which will probably omit any need to use a home theatre system. Since it is a OnePlus product, the TV will probably sync easily and would be easily controlled by OnePlus smartphones. It seems like OnePlus is aiming for its own product ecosystem, not that I’m complaining.

That was it for the products that are being launched. The launch event is on 26th September 2019 in North America and India. The timings of the events are 10:30 am EDT and 7 pm IST for North America and India respectively. There will also be a second launch event for Europe on 10th October 2019 and that at 4 pm BST. You can find more information regarding the event here.

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