One Plus has now officially got the back of T-Mobile

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The One Plus company is now gaining even further stronghold day by day, especially in the US, since it has just got the back of a major US carrier: T-Mobile.

One Plus has been competing with major smartphone brands like Samsung and flagship and other budget manufacturers too, by bringing out one of the best flagship phones with a relatively much affordable price. Thus, it was time for them to reap, as they have now managed to secure a deal, which means that One Plus here is to stay after all.

The new One Plus 6T would be sold exclusively by T-Mobile when the phone is released around the end of October. Not only this, but a specially designed OnePlus 6T would be made to cater specifically to T-Mobile users, with a higher level of optimization. Though this doesn’t mean that T-Mobile shall get to enjoy the monopoly of One Plus 6T, but the phone shall also be available to others via a Global version that is sold as factory unlocked out of the box. The Global version can use either AT&T or T-Mobile and can be used internationally too.

According to reports, the phone is expected to have a price tag of $550 but it is too early to say anything. With such an affordable price tag, the phone nearly offers the same performance as that of the Apple iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy Note 9 priced $1,000 (and above) and offers a similar premium look. Furthermore, where companies like LG and HTC have seen a gradual decline over the years, someone had to take its place, and this time it was One Plus which did so.

Not that everyone in the US would be accustomed to or familiar with the name of One Plus 6, but only true Android fans know its importance in the smartphone market. Now that T-Mobile is officially going to be a vendor to One Plus, the name would soon catch on, and the One Plus customer base is only expected to increase further even though it is a Chinese manufacturer.

According to Avi Greengart, who is a Data Analyst at Global Data, “Getting carrier shelf space is a prerequisite to volume sales in the US.”

Where many phone manufacturers generally rely on carrier sales from the start, One Plus tried a different approach, and for them, it worked like a charm.

Sadly the phone isn’t available on Verizon or Sprint networks, due to different wireless standards required. Currently, it is reported that One Plus still requires a “technical approval” from the T-Mobile carrier, and only it gets the approval, the manufacturer could release phones specifically made for that Carrier.

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