One Plus 6 update – Top notch, SuperFast processor and a Bigger Screen

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One Plus is known for offering phones which could very well compete with flagship phones of Apple and Samsung and other major manufacturers. The phones are relatively inexpensive yet still maintain their quality standards. Therefore, One Plus’ phones are met with much interest and are bought by many. Thus, there has been news around their corner about the upcoming latest One Plus flagship product: One Plus 6.

It is expected that the phone shall be launched during the summer, as it has always been. As previous records show, then this phone shall also get an update, with better features, though very similar to the model which shall be released during the summer. It is confirmed that One Plus is going to launch One Plus 6 is the successor of the One Plus 5 and One Plus 5T.

 There will be a notch on the One Plus 6

Apple released their iPhone X with a notch at the top, to make room for more screen to body ratio. Now, One Plus is following suit, and it is confirmed that the new One Plus model shall have a notch too. There will be a narrow black notch at the top like that on the iPhone X. It isn’t the first time that an Android phone would copy Apple’s design since other companies have also done so in the past.

The Android phones which already include the notch are the Essential Phone, Huawei P20 and Asus ZenFone 5. Basically, the notch is there to separate the front-facing camera and other sensors from the screen. It is a matter of time when future phones will have these embedded in the screen itself.

The phone shall be powered by the Snapdragon 845

The phone shall prove itself to be power horse, with its extremely powerful specs. The phone shall house a Qualcomm manufactured, Snapdragon 845 chipset which is quite fast. Since the same chipset is offered on the Samsung’s flagship product, Galaxy S9, and Galaxy S9 Plus, it is safe to say that it is one of the fastest processors amongst the smartphones. Furthermore, with some minor updates to the processor, the phone shall offer even better image and video processing. Moreover, 3 Dimensional mapping to aid in facial recognition shall get even better.

Since speed is so important to One Plus they even wrote a Tweet about it:

Not only is there is one of the fastest processors, but there is also a whopping 8 GB of RAM to ensure that all your multitasking is smooth. Along with this, is a 256 GB of Storage available for you to store all your data, and so that you never run out of storage on your phone.


Even bigger screen than before

Since phones are getting better and bigger by the year, One Plus also made sure that their latest model would be the biggest screen phone they have ever released. This was confirmed by Carl Pei, himself who happens to be the co-founder of One Plus. Though, it should be noted that courtesy the notch design, overall dimensions of the phone shall be similar to the previous one. It is just that more screen would be offered for the same dimension leading to a better screen to body ratio.

Along with a bottom bezel, it is speculated that the screen size shall be 6.2 inches.

When will it be launched? Late in Q2

As has been with the previous model i.e. One Plus 5 which was released to the public in June, it is expected that One Plus 6 would also follow suit with a summer release. Also, the CEO Pete Lau also gave a statement that the phone shall be available during the late part of the second quarter.

Speed won’t be a compromise on the One Plus 6

Perhaps, the phone shall be even faster than the Galaxy S9 and S9 plus. This is so because, on the Geekbench website, there was a benchmark score for a phone by the model number “NS P7819”. Since this model number matches that of the unconfirmed leaked images of the One Plus 6, it is widely speculated that the benchmark scores might be that of the One Plus 6 itself.

Might be Available for half the price as that of iPhone X

There was an anonymous post on the Chinese Social Media Site, Weibo, which hints that the One Plus 6 would be available for a price tag of $749. That’s relatively very inexpensive when compared with the iPhone X 256 GB cost to be predicted at $1517 by the same website. It is not sure if the dollars are US, Canadian, Singaporean or Australian dollars, so maybe the figure is wrong.

What we think is that since One Plus is into offering affordable phones, the phone shall be available for $575, £575 or AU$915. This is nearly half the cost of the base Apple iPhone X.

Could follow One Plus 5T with two rear shooters.

Weibo also stated, that the One Plus 6 shall have two rear cameras like that on its predecessor. The cameras would be 16- and 20-megapixel respectively.

It won’t be exactly similar to the Oppo R15

Since it is rather known that the company behind One Plus and Oppo is the same, BBK electronics, it was speculated that the phone shall be similar to the Oppo R15. Trends show that Oppo and One Plus phones have been similar in the past, therefore it was expected that the One Plus 6 shall also be similar to an Oppo phone. Though, the good news is that Pei has promised that the phones will not appear the same. As of now, we don’t know by not being same, how much different he means, but it is for sure, that the phones wouldn’t be each other’s look-alikes.




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