One Plus 5T might be around the corner and here is what you need to know

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With One Plus 5 released just three months ago, you won’t find another company which would launch another phone within such a short timespan but the One Plus 5T is set to be the company’s new flagship phone within a month.

This isn’t the only time that One Plus has done so; it released the One Plus 3T just a couple of months after the One Plus 3 capitalizing on the Holiday Spending Season.

People were having guesses when the One Plus 5 became out of stock on the OnePlus websites, indicating that the company might be thinking of launching a newer model. After that, there have allegedly been numerous image leaks and speculation of hardware specifications.

The One Plus has enjoyed success in the phone arena, to cater for all those people who couldn’t afford the flagship Apple and Samsung phones, but wanted something of a similar quality and performance with a lower price tag. Just as was the case with One Plus 3 last year, with just a price tag of $399, its specs were powerful enough to compete with other rival phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the LG G5 in the benchmark tests performed.

Though officially there hasn’t been any word by the OnePlus on a release of a 5T; all are just mere speculations right now with the following being the prominent ones:

Launch Date:

There hasn’t been any news from the One Plus so far, therefore there isn’t any official date as of now, but there are hints of a launch date around the middle to late November. This is based on the fact that the last year’s One Plus 3T was officially made available to the public around the middle of Nov too i.e. 15th. According to a renowned Twitter leaker Evan Blass, we might see it coming on the 20th Nov.

Thinner Bezels:

With leaked photos claiming to be the 5T, it appears as if the phone might have thinner top and bottom bezels. This, in turn, would cause the phone to look more like other flagship phones. Therefore the fingerprint sensor would have to be moved somewhere else, and it’s highly probable that it might end up being at the back.

Cost more:

The price increase between the One Plus models has been gradual but rather slow, with the 3 costing $399, the 3T $439 and the 5 $479. Therefore we can expect the 5T to go up to $500 or even a bit more. In an unverified listing by Oppomart’s, the starting price of the 5T is claimed to be $549, which is still less as compared to other flagships phones such as the iPhone X costing $1000.

The processor would be the same:

There won’t be a faster or better processor added to the line, since the 5’s processor was already good enough in the benchmark tests. To make up for this, there is a possibility that there might be some other minor changes to boost up the performance further.

A sharper, larger screen:

The phone is expected to ship with a bigger screen, increasing from 5.5 to 6 inches. Even the resolution is expected to shoot up from 1080p to a 2K resolution with a 16:9 to 18:9 as aspect ratio respectively.

Will there be a headphone jack?

With major phone designers, like Google and Apple, removing the standard headphone jack from phones, One Plus 5T might just be the last phone from the One Plus to feature the much supported and loved headphone jack.

Another theory…

There are some claims which have been contradicted though, that the company might just skip One Plus 5T altogether and move on with a One Plus 6 later on. Right now we can just wait and watch and see what happesn.

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