Oil Pipeline Rifts Near Standing Rock

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 A pipeline about 150 miles near Standing Rock ruptured, resulting in about 176,000 gallons of crude oil to leak, and according the operator of the pipeline, the monitoring equipment proved to be unsuccessful in sensing this calamity.

This incident has shed light on the disasters that could follow and toxify the drinking water available if a pipeline had also been constructed at Standing Rock, which passes through the Missouri River.


A landowner allegedly was the one who caught sight of the ruptured pipeline, and as of now there are no reasons to suggest just as to why the monitoring equipment could not notify in advance of the disastrous rift.

According to the environmental scientist Bill Suess, he says that the radius of the oil spill reached to approximately 6 miles outwards, and claims that no areas that contain drinkable water have been touched or affected by the event.

Mr. Suess stated that currently about 37,000 gallons of the leaked oil have been recuperated. A spokeswoman for Casper, True Cos, who manage the Belle-Fourche pipeline claims that they have closed the pipeline upon its rupture, and added that although no final conclusions into the matter have been announced, it was possible that the hill near the pipeline crashed down, serving as the catalyst to the matter.

True Cos have a reputation from the past in regards to oil spills in the states of Montana and North Dakota, and in one incident where 32,000 gallons spilled into the Yellowstone River, actions were taken immediately so as to halt any water supplies from entering or leaving the vicinity.

Mr. Suess stated that the full cleanup for this incident will require a lengthy amount of time, and that at least some steps towards a full cleanup may take till next spring. The Belle-Fourche pipeline crossed the Ash Coulee creek, but the majority of it had been built into the ground.


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