Oculus Quest 2 Now Officially Revealed after the Leaked Information

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New leaks, revealing all the important information forced Oculus to officially release Quest 2 before any more rumors. There is a lot of new content with this new leak that comes from Facebook’s Blueprint website. While a lot of data is now removed there is still some information we can gather. The video contains an in-depth overview of the currently unannounced headset and also walks you through the new features and specifications.

The video was posted accidentally on youtube but we already have a few reuploads. We can see that the new headset comes with an improved design making it more comfortable and ergonomic. There is also talk about the specs in this upcoming device. Ques 2 comes with 6GB of RAM and uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 chipset.

If we compare these specs to the older model this is a big jump. The older generation used a Snapdragon 835. So we can expect significant performance increments. In addition, with the new generation players also get a somewhat 4k display, that is if you count both eyes. The headset features a 2k resolution display per eye.

We can see that it is about a 50 percent increase in resolution as compared to the previous generation.  With the performance spect on the table the video also talks about storage options. This time around there will be a 256 GB variant of this device.  There also an updated controller design that the brand says has “updated ergonomics”.

Although there weren’t any new games or applications revealed in the video it does mention that Quest 2 does offer support for older previous generation titles. With that said there also support for the Occulus Link function.

If we are to learn anything from the past behaviors, this content might have been intended for release at the Facebook Connect developer conference on Wednesday, September 16th. This new show replaces the Oculus Connect event we had in the past and will host Couulus releases from now on. Here is another one of the leaked promotion video.

The release:

One thing that both of these videos fail to mention is the price and release date of these new devices. Let’s hope that once these devices are up for pre-order or even sale facebook can keep up with the incoming demand. Although there is no official word from Facebook yet o the release and preorders, we do know that it will happen sometime in the near future as there was new of Facebook among up VR headset production.

And while we are on the topic of release and expected demand this product also has a tendency to go wrong for the company. In our previous article, we discussed how Facebook is imposing some unconventional policies to advertise its ownership on Oculus. If there is a backlash to these policies the VR company might be in danger.

Specifically speaking Facebook must understand that Oculus while under it is a different company. It has its own separate customer base and the last thing a tech company needs to do right now is make policies that can harm their future sales.

While at the time internet did show a huge backlash to Facebook’s decision. We can say that it might not affect the Quest 2 release the same way. We say this because even rig now oculus offers better internals and headset design than competitors and people might be inclined towards it. But this won’t go for long as other manufacturers are also catching up.

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