Oculus brings in the Chromecast feature for Samsung VR Headsets

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Virtual Reality is now more enthralling as Oculus has added the Chromecast support to the Samsung VR headsets. Virtual Reality is beguiling for the users wearing the goggles but not for the spectators who cannot enjoy the splendor of VR headsets.

Oculus brought this startling technology in the market, facilitating the headsets users to share their virtual reality experiences with the people present around them.

According to Oculus, “Gear VR is the first (and currently only) virtual reality device to support Chromecast — even beating out Google’s own Daydream View.”

A Chromecast is a Google platform which is used for sending things from the VR headsets to the TV which ought to be hooked-up to Chromecast dongle or should have ‘integrated Chrome cast technology’.

Besides a Gear VR, the user needs a compatible smart-phone which must be running on the latest Android software and also the most latest updated Oculus mobile application.

Before the user straps the headsets, the user has to hit the ‘Cast’ button which is newly added and as soon as the process is completed, the phone gets connected to the Chromecast. Enabling the viewers to enjoy and see what’s happening inside the headset directly on a display which must be connected to the Chromecast.

Well most of the VR headsets users could dislike this idea as why people without having headsets should watch their VR gameplay.  According to the headsets users, those people should buy their own headsets to enjoy the whole experience.

But, this new technology brought by Oculus will facilitate in various ways. Firstly, the virtual reality experience can be showed off easily then it’s a boon for the game developers as it will allow them to exhibit their product to audience in a better mode.

The proficient players who are willing to show-off their gaming skills and virtual reality gaming activities can use the Chromecast and it is a windfall for the users who are prone to some kind of motion sickness and are not able to wear headsets on their own can also enjoy the whole virtual experience.

Secondly, for assisting someone who is using headset for the first time, Chromecast will help as without taking of the headsets regular users can direct the new users easily.

This beneficial new technology Chromecast brought by Oculus will definitely smack the market. Just a couple of weeks ago Google announced the arrival of same cast feature in the Daydream VR at the Google I/O conference 2017.

But at the same spot, Oculus and Google together also announced the full Daydream compatibility for the latest Samsung smart-phones Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. When these three top brands of the market Samsung, Oculus and Google works together, we can anticipate some astonishing things like this.

Chromecast is also a great way to introduce the Virtual Reality to the new users, sharing virtual experiences was not as easy as Oculus has made it. Now the users can together have fun as it facilitates others (without any headset) to see what’s going on in the Virtual Reality world.

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