Nvidia ‘Turing’ GPU; a re-branded GPU architecture for Cryptomining

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Reuters, as we all know, is a very reputable and creditworthy source. Now they are back with yet another great news. Nvidia could very well be having its own ‘Turing’ GPU out latest by March.

There was an Ampere leak some time ago, which hinted that Nvidia was working on a next-generation graphics processing unit to and was set to release it soon. Now, Reuters has also stepped into the game and therefore, the release seems imminent. It should be noted that nothing is confirmed from Nvidia itself till now, so whatever is available is just anticipation mostly from sources.

If the Nvidia Turing GPU sees the light anytime soon, it would most definitely require some explanation or two. This would then either seem that Nvidia has gone ahead with a rebranding campaign by release a new product altogether. Either this or it could also be very well possible that Volta wouldn’t get the chance to have a consumer relationship.

These explanations wouldn’t just stop here but would require further implications of the sort. This could very well also imply that Nvidia might be worried about the yield or that it thought its architecture had aged now and needed to be optimized.

Now, you must be thinking why did they come up with the name Turing. Well, to make things simpler, let us run through a short history course. The name itself, Turing refers to Alan Turing. He is widely regarded as the father of modern computing systems. Not only this, but he is rather famous (and notorious for some) to be able to head the team who went on the break the Enigma code during the World War II period.

Not only this, but the Turing machine is also associated with him. The machine is said so if it can pass the Turing Test. The test is to deceive a normal human, for at least 5 minutes that the machine on the other side isn’t actually a human.

Now as to the reason why Nvidia would go with this code name goes two ways. It was evident that the codename Ampere matched the name of another company. That company is basically an ARM server called Ampere. Therefore, to avoid copyright issues, the company might have wanted to avoid the name. It might also be possible that it’s working on completely two different models, one Turing and other code named Ampere. Nvidia has also done so in the past as we have seen with the GeForce GTX 800 series.

Now that the cryptocurrency mining is on the rise, and that people would want a good miner, it is all possible that this Turing GPU might be the one to mine all that cryptocurrency for you. This might also be relevant to the person Alan Turing himself, as he himself was a cryptography enthusiast.

Therefore, if the machine was named to honor the late Alan Turing it opens up a new pathway for Nvidia. It would indirectly mean that Nvidia has taken up cryptocurrencies as a serious entrant into the market, and is willing to put their stakes on them, by releasing a totally new product specifically for mining.

It should be noted that people at the data centers are allowed to use their GeForce GPUs for blockchain mining. This indirectly, means that the company, in fact, supports cryptocurrencies.

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