NVIDIA RTX 3090 shows up in leaked images – Abundance of GDDR6 Memory

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In the recent news of upcoming NVIDIA cards, we have a leaked PCB from NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card. These images were leaked at bilibili by harukaze5719 and Kopite7kimi. GeForce RTX 3090 has a planned launch on the 1st of September. In the unveiling event from NVIDIA hosted by their CEO, Jensen Huang. It is an enthusiast-level graphics card that will provide the best performance that money can buy in the current generation.

The leaked PCB design shows GDDR 6 memory chips on both sides of RTX 3090. Also, there are triple 8 pin connectors for the massive power draw of the card. The leak also points out that this not from a reference board.

It is actually from a board by Colorful taken from their flagship iGame GeForce RTX 3090 Vulcan-X series graphics card. A lot of details such as markings on the memory dyes and the chip are removed by the leaker. He said that the blurred out details are classified and he can’t mention those details.

Diving deeper in details of this leak we see that the leaked image shows the backside of PCB. The power comes from three standard 8-pin connectors. This confirms that there will not be a custom 12-pin on the aftermarket cards. Earlier we received a leak that the founder’s edition RTX 3090 will feature a non-standard 12-pin power connector. This release confirms that at least we won’t be seeing that for most of the aftermarket versions.


There are around eleven memory chips on each side of the card. Hence we will have dual-sided memory in this device. We have seen in the past that cards with dual-sided memory have the same amount of chips on each side of the PCB. This means that this card will have a total of around 22 gigabytes of GDD6 memory paired with a 352-Bit bus interface. Because each chip contributes 1 GB. This assumption also negates some of the older leaks. We heard that RTX3080 Ti will have 20 GB and the top-spec model will feature 25 GB of VRAM.

RTX 3090 Specs:

Interestingly a fairly recent report from Baidu also suggests that NVIDIA is working with a 22 GB graphics card with a 352-Bit bus interface. Hence the leaked images could be from this rumored card. As far as tentative core speeds and VRAM are concerned none of the leaks can be trusted prior to actual device launch. Another great thing about this leak is the interconnect design on this card. The Interconnect looks different from the standard NVLINK design on RTX 20 seres from NVIDIA so it’s definitely a newer and improved version.

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We also see a second chip module on the PCB underneath the main GPU chip. We don’t know anything about the chip from earlier rumors and this leaker also hid it with an Intel CPU. From the design point of view, we can say that this chip might do some work in specific workloads to provide better performance. We will get more details of this chip from the company one the card finally comes out. Further specs of this card include PCIe Gen 4 support and better GPU power delivery. In addition to the details about our top tier card, this leak also hinted at what users can expect from custom cards of RTX 30 series. The early leaks only hinted details from the founder’s edition cards.

(Source: Reddit, Jensen Huang)

In addition to these PCB leaks we also the above picture of a rumored GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card from ZOTAC. It looks like the card is using a pretty common triple-fan cooling solution and a standard 2.5 slot form factor. This card was also leaked by the same user on Reddit unfortunately the post is now deleted. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30graphics card lineup is expected to announce on 1st September at a digital event which will be hosted by the CEO of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang. let us know in the comments which graphics card you are most excited about.


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