Nvidia RTX 3090 is as big as the upcoming Xbox Series X

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The Nvidia RTX 3090 is probably one of the biggest GPUs made to date from Nvidia. The card is so big in size it makes the last generation Titan RTX looks like a small tier card. Since the Pre Orders opened a lot of reviewers. As well as tech enthusiasts, have talked about this beast of a GPU. However, a funny new thing was caught by one of the twitter users. The tweet shows the New Nvidia RTX 3090 against and Xbox Series X and it looks it is even bigger in length than the whole console.

Now we all know that the upcoming Xbox Series X is pretty compact considering their designs. Not only do these consoles pack an impressive amount of power they also have a pretty interesting size. Which brings us back to the comparison the first 4k 120Hz capable console VS the world First 8K capable GPU.  Not only does this put in perspective how good the consoles have gotten over that past generation it also gives us an idea of engineering work behind these machines.


Another thing to note from this tweet is that 8K is a lot of pixels and the amount of power this card packs is just beyond insane. Not only is the RTX 3090 big in size it is also a lot heavier than the conventional Nvidia cards. Although Nvidia cut down their PCB length in this generation card design. The new card employs a lof of cooling hardware thanks to the upgraded cooling solution. Thanks to the increased weight of the card wed recommend getting a new case along with the new power supply if you plan on getting one of these big boys.

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The 3090 Specs:

Of course, the card is not heavy on the size only. The RTX 3090 packs in it some of the highest-end hardware we have ever seen in an Nvidia card.  Talking specifications it features 82 SM units which result in whopping 10496 CUDA Cores. Pair that with a boost clock of up to 1.7 GHz and has a bus bandwidth of 384-bit which allows data rate of 19.5 Gbps. Speeds faster than ever and compute units higher than what we imagined to have a few years back.

The RTX 3090 contains the  GA102 GPU chip from NVIDIA which is the fastest chip that NVIDIA has ever produced. The Graphics compute unit is based on a custom Samsung 8nm process and comes with Nvidia’s second-generation Ray Tracing cores and third-generation Tensor cores.

(Source: wepc.com)

This amount of power is far more from any console available in the market right now. This is exactly the point of buying one of these devices. The RTX 3090 is essentially the Titan of this generation of GPUs from Nvidia so it makes sense they went all out on this card. However, this much sheer hardware performance is still not enough to power through some of the highest demanding games in 8k.

There are a few games that run exceptionally well thanks to Nvidia’s DLSS 2.0. On the other hand, there are few who suffer serious CPU bottlenecks on a resolution that high. We can surely hope the card improves its performance even more as better CPUs come out later in the year. Similarly, the DLSS feature is also improving over time and performance will vary with driver updates.



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