Nvidia Geforce 2018 Graphics Cards Will Boast All New Turing Architecture

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According to recent reports and rumors, Nvidia is going to launch a new series of graphics cards in the first half of this year most probably later this March at the GDC (Game Developers Conference) or the GTC (Graphics Technology Conference). The new GPUs will feature the latest Ampere architecture which will outperform the Nvidia GTX Geforce 10 lineup based on Pascal architecture.

These Ampere graphics card will come loaded with GV104 chip serving as the new high-end solution and is expected to power the GeForce GTX 2080 and 2070. Titan branded and other high-end enthusiast level card will be powered by the GV102 for even better performance. The GV106 might be used in the mid-range GPUs while the GV107 and GV108 could target the budget friendly solutions.

Another report by Tom’s Hardware Germany predicted consumer cards based on all-new Turing graphics architecture which will officially be announced in July 2018. The Turing architecture will is going to be the most powerful architecture which will boast huge improvements over its predecessors. This series graphics card will supposedly sport 16gbps GDDR6 video memory or HBM2 and the 12 nano-meter manufacturing process used in the recently launched Nvidia Titan V.

The rumors also point out that Ampere based graphics cards will be launched for the gaming market while the Turing code refers to cryptocurrency mining graphics cards. Other rumors suggest, the Ampere architecture will be focused on high-performance computing and artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning features and is likely to be the upgraded version of Volta GPU.

The Turing code name originally stems from Alan Turing, a mathematician, theoretical biologist, cryptanalyst and English computer scientist. The use of his name for a class of add-in GPU cards dedicated to cryptocurrency mining makes sense given his work on cryptography. He helped to crack the coded messages sent by the Nazis, contributing to the Allies in winning the World War II.  Although the name might be reserved.

The Turing architecture based cards are most likely to start the production in June 2018.  All that said the final scenario s likely what Nvidia plans to discuss in March. So stay tuned for more info.

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