NVIDIA Ampere 3000 series GPUs – Something big is coming on 31st August

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Good news comes for gamers as the official NVIDIA GeForce account has just posted a teaser for their upcoming launch of Ampere series GPUs. We have been waiting for a long time for an update from NVIDIA, and it looks like we’re about to get it in just twenty days.

This event will offer a first look at the next generation of GeForce GPUs, and it might provide us some details about what’s inside as well. On that note, we are still unclear whether this will just be an announcement session or a smaller launch or just another teaser. Either way, we’re getting good news soon.

It is a video of a star going supernova. This is an event that generates life as the result of an enormous explosion. This is used as a metaphor that a new GPU will be born that will give life to Gamming computers. The subtest reads “21 Days, 21 Years” this is a hint towards the first modern GPU from NVIDIA, the GeForce 256, which launched 21 years ago.

The image says that this is an ultimate countdown to Geforce 256 successors 21 years later an all the upgrades and good things they bring. Here is the video which they posted on twitter.

Another thing to have in mind is that there is no confirmation for a naming scheme for the next generation of GeForce cards. We do have rumors that the next generation will have the 30XX subscript, but there is no saying that with complete security before the launch.

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NVIDIA has opted for some weird naming schemes in the past, and this could be one of them too. Who knows that this time they decide to name it something else like 21XX series.

Nvidia Launch Schedule:

The good thing though, is that NVIDIA is right on schedule for their plans. In twenty days, we will be experiencing what NVIDIA has come up with this time. We already have a rough idea of launch plans from NVIDIA. The PG132-10 board with 24GB of VRAM will replace the current RTX 2080Ti. It is scheduled to launch in the second half of September.

After that, we have PG132-20 and PG132-30 boards with 20 and 10 GB of VRAM, which will come later in October. There are no launch dates or schedules for other low-end cards but hopefully well hear more about them in the upcoming event.

There six new boards coming to for users this time, and they’ll replace some of the current mainstream ones. Here is a list of what upcoming cards pack and what they will be replacing. Along with the specs, we also have a rough date of when they expect the launch these cards courtesy of wccftech.

Source: wccftech.com

The first we heard about the Ampere architecture from NVIDIA was back in May. The cards launched since then are only intended for High-Performance Computing like scientific research, Data Analysis, and Cloud computing. Hence there is no way for users to know how these card stack up in gaming and what new features Nvidia plans to bring to the table this time. Hopefully, this will be something good with a lot of generational upgrades over the last-gen Turing cards.



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