Noria, a small yet powerful Air Conditioning Unit

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We all know what to turn on when the temperature rises above our endurance; an Air Conditioner. We can totally imagine the image you have in your mind currently. All sweaty, standing in front of a bulky air-conditioning unit, praying the heat to go away. What when you have to go out of your room, but obviously can’t take the unit with you. In fact, the only time you ever took out your Air Conditioning Unit would probably be for servicing or repairs. Don’t worry we might just have a perfect solution for all your problems; the Noria.

Noria is a “first window air conditioner designed entirely with you in mind”. This is what the engineers at Noria thought and carefully crafted later onwards with their skill. Unlike the bulky units, its small size, and courtesy the smart feature, it just might be the most wanted product for you during the summers.

As far as the dimensions are concerned, it is pretty small yet efficient. The height is just 6 inches, which makes it even 40 percent smaller compared to other standard Air Conditioning Units. Because of this, the design seems rather minimalist, yet elegant. On the contrary, if you think that how would an AC of such small size actually be able to function, then you are in the wrong. The Noria is perfectly capable of cooling a large room such as a 160 square feet one with 5,000 BTU per hour. That’s a lot for an AC of such size. Not only this, but the Noria also is about 8 pounds lighter than the usual window AC units these days of a similar capacity.

The best thing is that the Noria directs its airflow towards the ceiling meaning that convection currents could be easily set up. This is contrary to other counterparts through which air flows to the floor or parallel to the ground. Anyone with an elementary physics background would know, why cooling the ceiling air is better than cooling the ground air; sets up a cycle of hot air going upwards, and cold air going downwards! This eventually leads to an overall thermal balance in the room.

There is much more. The Noria is a smart AC and can be controlled easily by Bluetooth. Furthermore, there are certain schedules accessible through a smartphone, which means you can easily save power when you want to by altering the temperature controls automatically.

If this is not enough to convince you, then perhaps the most important reason for buying this would be its easy installation. Placed horizontally, Noria can fit single or double-hung window frames which are 21” to 36” wide. We know what you must be thinking; the width is adjustable! This means no hassles of installing an AC unit yourself or calling a serviceman for the job. Just install it and shut the window and you are good to go.

If you already feel inclined to get your hands on one of such Noria, then better do so now to avail a discounted price of$249, else you would have to pay $299 for regular orders. The project has already backing of more than $1.4 million from 3,715 backers over Kickstarter.

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