Noon Home smart switches make your lights smart

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Want to create the perfect atmosphere for that much awaited dinner date? Want the correct amount of light while applying your professional make up? Want to get mesmerized and lost in the a perfect melody, but the lighting doesn’t really set the mood, well Noon Home Inc.’s smart lighting system has a perfect solution for these and many other related problems.

Launched on Thursday, October 26, 2017, the system works by blending the different lights in a room to make a layered light effect. Therefore enabling you to customize your lights to your liking taste and mood!!

Since making smart lights is a bit of a hassle, the company has made smart switches, which effectively transform your regular lights to smart lights which can then be switched on using you cell phone, or a timer or simply by tapping the switch. The lighting system comes in package consisting of two essential elements; “extension switches” and “room director”.

While the extension switch is basically your regular switch, the room director, is where the real chords of the technology comes into play. With the glass touchscreen OLED display, the room director connects wirelessly via Bluetooth, allowing the user to control the extension switches and setting up the light to the required mood.

According to the CEO, Erik Charlton, of Noon Homes the DIY system is designed to “remove complexity” of getting the perfect lighting. You might be thinking how come, the switches get to control the already installed lighting system.

Well, Noon uses the company’s patented “bulb discovery” technology, which enables the devices to read currents and determine the type of bulbs and fixtures you use. With this extracted information, Noon then automatically creates three layered light scenes: Relax, Everyday, and Bright.

You can have more options if you want, you can customize additional scenes to set the stage for other moods, occasions, or activities. Cooking and Entertain are some other mood options available, yet again not happy with the light scenes, follow the lighting 101 ideas!!

Using and installation is quite simple; you require one room director per room, which acts like the major control center, communicating with all the extension switches and using WiFi to sync all the data stored to your phone. The OLED screen on the director allows you to change the lighting scenes by swiping on the screen through pre-made settings designed for entertaining, watching movies, relaxing, and much more.

What’s intriguing to know here is that you can turn the lights on or off using your phone or a switch, without breaking anything. Meaning, each switch taps in to toggle lights on and off, and the extension switches have little up and down buttons to let you control dimming, too. Naturally, it’ll also hook into Alexa, recognizing the voice commands; although other smart home integrations are still unannounced.

The only visible drawback of the system is the high price, The Noon Smart Lighting Starter Kit retails for $400, and it includes one room director switch, two extension switches, and three wall plates. But you can separately buy the room director switch for $200 whereas the extension switch is available for $100. Plus if you are not up for installing the system yourself, you can get professional installation services starting at $149 through Noon’s partner, InstallerNet.

That makes a lot for the cost. Interesting yet pricy ideas, however, there is this notion that you do not need to get a whole lighting set up, just a replacement of switches. Therefore much less cost compared to when whole lighting system of the house is upgraded.

So, replace your old switches with the Noon Lighting System and transform any room with professional-quality lighting.

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