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Nokia ready to release a new value Smartphone according to FCC listing

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Nokia came a little late to the party with their Android phones. After the big failure of Microsoft Windows phones, Nokia knew that the next generation of phones could not run with software support from windows.

So, after a couple of years without really having any direction, Nokia was bought by HMD Global. Consequently, Nokia launched their Android phones. Nokia 6 was one of the first ones to break through and make a name for itself. It gave users excellent build quality and features at an attractive price. Something that Nokia as a brand was known for.

Since then, Nokia has launched several new devices, mostly in the middle range and some high spec models as well. The company has been giving a hard time to other smartphone manufacturers lately. The budget options from Nokia still crush the offerings from Samsung and other Chinese companies though thanks to their commitment to Stock Android.


We recently spotted a new Nokia phone in the works at the US FCC website. The report mentions a few specifications of the phone, which indicates that it is a smartphone instead of the feature phones, which Nokia also develops. The device model specified by the website is  TA-1274. It looks like Nokia has also started to make its devices in weird, confusing ways like Samsung now.

According to the listing, the TA-1274 will feature a 4380 mAh battery. A 4000+ mAh battery suggests that this is a mid-range device with today’s processing and display standards that is an adequate amount of battery.

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It is not confirmed whether this big battery will be coupled with Fast Charging or not. The new phone has radio band support between 30MHz to 960 MHz. This frequency range includes GSM850, WCDMA B and 5, LTE B, and 5, LTE B and 12, and LTE BAND 17.

The report also lists that this phone supports FM Radio. The other main specs of the device are yet unknown. The model number is entirely numeric, so it does not help in any speculations. So there is no saying at this point whether this is a low-end device or a midrange one.

The new phone might be the Nokia 2.4

The one thing we are sure about is that a new device is coming from HMD Global. The missing details might get leaked in the future, or we might just get a name sometime in the future. Better yet, we might see a device launch from HMD Global this year.

We also spotted the new Nokia 2.4 smartphone Geekbench a popular performance ranking platform. The Geekbench listing gave essential specifications of this budget phone releasing soon. The phone will come equipped with MediaTek Helio P22 chipset and two gigabytes of RAM. The Android version in the device is also confirmed as Android 10.

Nokia 2.3
Image by CNet

Now this Geekbench leak and FCC listing might not be just a coincidence. This could be the same device that the smartphone manufacturer is planning to release later this year. Nokia is one of the most popular companies right now in Asian markets right now with their budget offerings. We can certainly say that this will not be the only device that we’ll see from Nokia this year. Still, with the global pandemic, we will have to know how the release schedule of the company shifts.

Find more details at the FCC site.

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