Nokia announces comeback with its most iconic mobile phone ‘Nokia 3310’ revamped version

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A few years ago, one of the most adored phone brands, Nokia collapsed and this was indeed the biggest catastrophe which took place in the history mobile world. The only brand of the market Nokia, which never fails to impress the fans with its incredible handsets caved in.

But after a long span of time, Nokia has made a staggering comeback in the smartphone world. Reincarnation is a fascinating concept, but it’s more disruptive when the whole company reincarnates. Particularly, when a brand like Nokia which is still the most popular and most recognized brand in the mobile phone market reincarnates.

The comeback of Nokia could be a nightmare for the other top brands. Let’s see if the brand which used to rule the mobile world will claim its throne back or not?


Nokia collapsed when it couldn’t compete against Samsung, Apple and other smartphone brands. The company accepted its lack of productivity and innovation; retreated from the market, breaking hearts of many of its loyal customers

Switching to Android was the biggest mistake Nokia made, Samsung is known as the King of Android smartphones and most of the brands fear to compete against it.

Nokia was the first company to introduce the ‘wireless technology’. It took us out from the Payphones and Landline era, this was indeed the biggest revolution took place in the technology world.

In the year 2007, Nokia controlled the 41% of the market and this is quite awe-inspiring as it seems that Nokia was ruling over the half of the market. But by the end of 2013, the smartphone began to take over the mobile phones.

And the market share of Nokia fall at 15%, the small brands introduced cheaper smartphones and people began purchasing them in huge quantity. In the smartphone market, the share of Nokia was quite low.

When Nokia was on the top it was impossible to compete with it, but the vulnerability and pigheadedness of the brand lead it towards a decline. Motorola Razr and later on iPhone began to take over the brand.

To cope with the situation, Nokia stepped out and took a controversial decision which is somehow the reason which has played a vital role in its downfall. Nokia drops company’s proprietary software and adopted a new Microsoft Window’s Mobile OS.

It almost took 3 years to the company to gain acceptance for its Lumia phones (Windows Phone).  The Lumia series of Nokia did a decent business but couldn’t stand in front of the Android and iOS smartphones.

The company strived hard to pull out itself from the hot water, but, after struggling for so many years the company faced the calamity, who would have thought a tech giant Nokia will collapse in such a pathetic way.

Ziyad Jawabra (the CEO of Nokia) ended his speech by saying “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost.”

The king of the mobile phone’s light faded away but now Nokia is back with 3 brand new phones together with the fourth one rooted for the global market. The company is focusing on achieving its position again but now in the smartphone world.

The most iconic phone ever produced by Nokia, 3310 is making a comeback. The new 3310 is a play on brand’s devotion, legacy, and nostalgia. Nokia 3310 was sold out worldwide is a proof to that Nokia is back!

Along with the iconic Nokia 3310, the company has brought three incredible smartphones which can give a tough time to other smartphones.


Crafted out of a single aluminum slab, Nokia 6 has impressed the fans with its features and specification; featuring a 5.5 inch Full HD display, 32 GB of storage, 3GB of RAM for faster performance and a 16-megapixel rear camera for capturing amazing shots.

Along with powerful speakers, the phone sports a Corning Gorilla Glass screen and encompasses a fingerprint sensor. But, the use of Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor which is nowhere close to the fastest Snapdragon chip (835) used by Samsung in its latest flagship devices (Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus).

Nokia 6 will cost around €229 and getting a smartphone, jam-packed with such impressive specs and features are nowhere to be found in the market.


Moving ahead, the 5.2 inch Nokia 5 retains many features of Nokia 6 including the built-in fingerprint sensor and uses Snapdragon 430 CPU. However, the handset has some features different from Nokia 6; a 13-megapixel low-resolution rear camera, a plastic back, 16GB of storage and 2GB of RAM. Nokia 5 will likely to cost around €189.


Although Nokia 3 is a decent smartphone which has nothing special which the users can admire, it has great specifications but there is still a scope of betterment.

The more rounded and sleeker version of legendary Nokia 3310 is another plus, though it’s not a smartphone, but a phone which all of us would love to buy. The revamped version of 3310 is catchier; the chunky buttons, T9 keyboard and everyone’s favorite mobile game, Snake and incredible battery life are admirable.

Daily Express

This is not a modern day smartphone but Nokia has given a new touch to old iconic 3310 and cost €49.

But, the matter of fact is how much distinctive these devices will be, particularly the ‘Android’ based smartphones. On the three pillars of differentiations, the company has based the three Android smartphones.

Firstly, the pure Android experience will enable the users to enjoy the full version of Android without bloatware and the applications could be immediately updated. Secondly, the design and the craftsmanship with all metal body, strong build, and elegant looks. Thirdly, how these phones will perform in the real life.

The brand has retrieved back in a spectacularly different world; the era in which the technology giant went away was utterly different. But Nokia is clever enough to play the game and gain its position back with brand loyalty, legacy, and nostalgia.

Nokia 6 is capable of competing against the first-rate smartphones such as Xiamomi Redmi Note 4. The phone can be purchased from Amazon and if you are a prime member of Amazon, they you can easily avail amazing discounts on this exceptional creation of Nokia (6).

Nokia 5 will likely take over Samsung J7 and Moto G5; it is an offline retail shop only model of Nokia, whereas, Nokia 3 will be only sold to those who will walk in the stores to get the brand identity.

This is just the beginning, we can expect in upcoming days Nokia will definitely introduce some incredible handsets which will support the company to become the ‘king of mobile phones’ once again.

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