No more losing stuff – Nonda Aiko Rechargeable Tracker is now available for just $16.99

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With more tech stuff every day becoming a part of our life, we tend to lose them at the same speed. That’s where the role of a trackers comes into play. Just place them on a frequently misplaced item and alas, the tracker shall save the day. One such tracker is the Nonda Aiko rechargeable tracker, which is available for an unbelievably low price at just $16.99.

Not only this, but the tracker is also rechargeable. This is a great benefit over other trackers, which are of no use after a year or so since their batteries run out and can’t be replaced. This is the sort of deal-breaker one is looking for while considering trackers.

About the appearances, this gadget is more than just similar to the Tile Mate. The main difference being it’s rechargeability. According to Nonda itself, you rest assured of at least the batteries lasting a month before you need to charge again.

Yes, it does mean you will have to charge it at least once a month unlike the Tile Mate tracker which lasts a year, but it also means a theoretically lifetime working, without having to replace the tracker. The best way to go about this is to add monthly reminders to remind you about charging them.

Surprisingly, the functionality of both the trackers is nearly similar too. In case you want to find out where the tracker is there is an app for that. The tracker would play a loud sound enough for you to hear it from a long distance. Therefore, in case you are always forgetting where you put the AC/TV remote, or the car keychain, or your wallet, you can always place the tracker on them when not in use.

The best thing is we also tend to lose out phones and this tracker has the perfect solution. You just need to press a button on the tracker, and the phone shall beep loudly enough again for it to be heard from across the dining hall. Therefore, phone misplacing inside your home would be reduced, and this works even if the phone is on mute.

On the contrary, there is also a downside to everything. The tracker and the phone do need to be in a Bluetooth range relative to each other. Furthermore, this means your phone would have to have an active Bluetooth connection all the time. This might affect battery life but to be honest not so much, as it may seem. With phone batteries becoming efficient, Bluetooth power consumption is the last thing to worry about.

As far as the reviews, the tracker has garnered an average of a 4.3-star rating. This was reviewed by more than 50 Amazon buyers. Though the Android app wasn’t given an approval which the tracker got itself. There is also a caveat involved. Your location needs to be set to always for the find your phone thing as well.

The Nonda Aiko is available on Amazon for $16.99. This includes the free Amazon Prime Shipping as well and is also $2.00 less than the actual price at Nonda itself; $18.99. If you opt for two, this means greater savings since two are available at just a mere $28.88. Moreover, there is also a $20 game included with the tracker and in addition to this is a free two-year ShopRunner subscription. Therefore, hurry and get your hands on one of these before the stock runs out.


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