No more cracked glass screens with Diamond Glass a possibility – By 2019 at least

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Phone drops are becoming much more common than before as Phone Screens are getting better crack and break resistant. Still, with this much advancement, you can’t be absolutely sure that your screen won’t crack if you drop your phone. There are still a lot of cases of cracked glass screens when the phone slips out of your hand suddenly and takes a dive. The solution is quite simple: Why not turn towards a Diamond Screen?

Yes, it is possible and is under development while this very moment. The question arises would you buy a smartphone with a diamond screen which might increase the cost a lot.

Smartphones these days usually have a Gorilla Glass screen which uses a mixture of chemicals to have shatterproof screens. These screens sometimes even use sapphire crystal toppers to better help resist cracks on screen in case the phone somehow finds its way to the ground. All these combinations still might not be enough for a phone falling at just the right angle and cause a glass break. Therefore, a company out there is in collaboration with a smartphone company with the initiative of testing a phone using a diamond glass screen.

The only downside is that it isn’t coming this year at least. The company expects us to wait till 2019 at least. Since glass and screen breaks aren’t going to die out anytime soon,  Akhan wants to employ a diamond glass screen in phones as a remedy. This works because the crystals are randomly arranged in such a glass screen courtesy the nanocrystal pattern. On the contrary, other screens have their crystals all lined up along their crystal planes.

For the not so tech-savvy, this simply means that this shall help avoid deep cracks on the glass screen and also prevents components underneath the screen from getting damaged.

Akhan Semiconductor’s Miraj Diamond Glass would be made artificially in a lab rather than using natural diamonds. The company’s motive is quite simple: To bring out the perfect replacement for current glass screen protecting materials which are much stronger. Not only this, it is also possible that the screen developed could use a mixture of their tech and current high glass screen shatter resistant materials.

Though, it still needs to be said that Adam Khan, who happens to be the CEO of Akhan, have had this idea since a couple of years ago. His goal was to see a phone with a diamond glass screen initially by 2017. But that goal couldn’t sadly be accomplished. The story is a bit different this time since according to Khan, this new tech is already in testing phase by various smartphone makers.

Currently, the major part of testing involves the durability and the amount of stress the diamond glass screen can withstand. They also need to test the electrical conductivity of diamond glass too. This would ensure that the touchscreen experience wouldn’t be hindered by employing this new technology.

The question which needs to be answered is the price. Yes, the lab-grown diamonds would add up to the cost of the screen production. This, in turn, would cause the phone prices to shoot up too. But, probably finding the right mixture of materials with a bit of this technology, the price tag might not actually be too much high.

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