No GPU required – ASIC based Ethereum Miner set to be released by Bitmain

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The cryptocurrency mining business is on the rise as more and more people have taken interest in this sector of the industry. This has lead to some serious shortages when talking about GPUs. The Graphical Processing Units mainly meant for gaming and video graphics purpose, are now short and out of stock and thus had made people especially gamers angry. In response, a bitcoin hardware company with their new miner release could help put the load off the GPUs.

People especially hardcore gamers are now finding it harder than ever to find a good GPU at a reasonable price. Not only are the GPUs nearly out of stock but their prices have also increased threefold; in some cases, even five times the normal. This causes some outrage amongst the people who had no interest in cryptocurrency mining but became an indirect victim courtesy the roaring GPU demand. Then comes the savior. Bitmain plans to release a miner specifically for Ethereum (another vastly mined currency), called the Ethereum ASIC Miner F3. The miner is reported to have a whopping 72 GB of DDR3 RAM.

Believe us this is a lot of dedicated RAM! Though don’t get your hopes high up so quickly since it won’t be launching anytime before the 2nd quarter of this year. Though, it still is good news for those who had been waiting for such an advanced hardware to be available to them.

As for the sources of this news, they are Chinese based. According to them, Bitmain might be suffering from hardware shortages, otherwise, they could have implemented this even earlier. Meanwhile, their staff is working on the miner. The main thing is that this particular Ethereum Miner happens to have 3 mainboards, though that’s what people are saying. On top of this, each board is reported to have at least six ASIC processors.

Not only this, but each mainboard is reputed to feature 32GB of DDR3 memory. But if this is considered to be true then this sums up the total RAM to be 96GB of DDR3 which contradicts our sources who are keen on the miner having 72GB of DRAM. Though, both sources can be equally right too. The main problem remains the lack of DRAM modules available since there is already much demand for them. On the contrary, there is also news that a Taiwanese Vendor might be joining hands with Bitmain to cut down on the shortages it faces.

It should be noted that the company itself hasn’t  given any statement regarding this upgrowing rumor. Though, one thing which is confirmed is that surely, it shall outmatch nearly any GPU based miners out there. Though with such added benefits, one needs to consider the cost as well. The cost, we are sure, isn’t going to be anything less than the most expensive GPU out there currently. Let’s just hope the company resolves its production-related problems soon and the GPU is out by the second quarter of this year.

Otherwise, we might have to wait even until the third quarter for this project to see light.

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