Nintendo’s latest Super Mario challenge will leave you puzzled, quite literally!

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If you thought Nintendo was done with its quirky gaming challenges with Pokemon Go, well then brace yourself for a new Super Mario challenge that will leave you scratching your heads. And, quite literally!

Just yesterday Nintendo added five new titles to its Switch Eshop before the official release of its next mega launch Splatoon 2. The titles included action, simple and cooperative puzzle games namely Fatal Fury Special, De Mambo, Level+: Addictive Puzzle Game, Death Squaredand I and Me, each having single and multiplayer options for its exciting adventurous levels, along with two demo versions of games yet to be released: Miitopiaand Hey! Pikmin.

Apart from Splatoon 2, other mega releases still on hold are Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the much-awaited title Super Mario Odyssey. The latter, an upcoming 3D platform videogame, is, however, slated to release during the holiday season.

But till then to keep the hype alive, Nintendo has released the Super Mario Ready for Action Puzzle on Switch. This may not be an opulent and over-the-top gaming experience but it definitely will make you reminiscence the yesteryears of the Super Mario craze.

The Super Mario Ready for Action Puzzle is a 1,000 piece large puzzle with a 19”x27” size of the complete picture, straightforwardly put together. According to the official description, “everyone’s favorite video character of all-time comes to life in this beautifully colorful 1000-piece puzzle. Piece together a playful close-up image of Mario and add this to your Super Mario puzzle collection.” The puzzle can be bought from GameStop, priced just at $10.The fans of the 90s game are bound to feel a brush of nostalgia as they sit to complete the puzzle on their gaming consoles, either alone or with other Super Mario enthusiasts.

However, what seems like an easy-to-do puzzle,with a total of 1,000 pieces to match, can take up much more time to complete than anticipated. The Nintendo fans will find themselves on the brink because what seems like a rather standard puzzle is instead complicated, primarily owing to the same color a lot of its pieces are in. This will make it difficult for the puzzle gamers to put together the missing pieces, consuming not only more time but also ones’ brain muscles required to thoroughly examine the pieces to match the perfect fit.

But this little problem is very unlikely to hamper the immense success Nintendo’s Switch has been enjoying. Ever since the Switch has been launched at the beginning of the year, the Japan-based company has only seen positive feedback and progress. However,a few negative criticism too has recently been hurled its way as many avid video game players are still struggling to get their hands on the console. The computer and video games giant blames the supply chain for the lack of easy accessibility of the Switch. Nintendo believes the pressures from the suppliers have resulted in the glitch as the hardware of the gaming console is also required for smartphones.

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